Saturday, January 11, 2014

That's E-nerd-tainment! (with apologies to Howard Dietz... and probably the rest of the universe)

A meme with a Battlestar theme
Or a cat wearing the Sorting Hat
Or a pic of the Hulk as St. Nick
That's e-nerd-tainment!

Fan fic, be it sloppy or slick
Be it short, or the babbling sort
Or the kind where you wish you were blind
That's e-nerd-tainment!

The plots involve 'bots, or a giant T-rex,
Takei-making-ray beamed out from Planet X,
Intergalactical sex,
Where a guy's his own grandfather, and causes timeline bother.

One scene posted at 2:13:
Aeryn Sun's wearing just three balloons
Quarter past, googol hits it's amassed
That's e-nerd-tainment!

It might be a fight about Leia and Luke
On boards seen by hoards, whether "meant to" or fluke
Both sides posted by the same kook
The title of the thread: "Worf, and How He Links to Red Dwarf"

Cosplay everywhere on display
Hot or cool, made by genius or fool
Hip hooray! Nerds are having their day!
The e-world's a stage, a stage for a world of e-nerd-tainment!

(c) 2014 Mark Travis Riggs

Edited 1/12/14 to change "Picard" to "the Hulk" and "2:15: The whole world's scene that scene" to "Quarter past, googol hits it's amassed" and "A gay" to "Takei". (The first and last because I wanted to include more "nerd" stuff, and the middle because I didn't like the original line much at all. Truth be told, I'm not a huge fan of the replacement. But it's always a work in progress, so who knows what tomorrow will bring?)

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