Friday, December 30, 2005

Which Day of Christmas is it Today, Anyway?

I'm forever confused about the whole Twelve Days of Christmas thing. Do you count Christmas Day as the first Day of Christmas? One would think so. But then, why is Epiphany when it is? I'm all confused. Some day I'd like to start hosting a yearly Feast of the, but I'd like to a) have a nicer setup here at my house and b) know and understand when one should have a Feast of the, and where it falls in the whole Twelve Days thing.

But enough about that.

I got to the Omaha area on time, and to Logan, IA about 30 minutes late, but it turned out I had the time wrong for some reason that makes no sense (it's all about my stupid brain, mostly), and was actually about 210 minutes late. But at least I got Say a gift she wanted, and one of the three things I got Jordan wasn't something she already had.

I met Carrie's current beau, and was surprised to see Wade & Dane there, because I didn't know they were going to be there--although it is apparently entirely possible I received e-mails explaining they would be there, as I received e-mails saying we were eating at 4:00 at the latest.
Peggy was there, and seemed to be adapting to life in this part of the country, although some of her drawl came with her from whichever Virginia it was she'd been living in. This reminds me, I need to update a lot of people's info on my website. But I digress...

I slept on the floor in the spare bedroom (Dane got the bed), and I now know for sure that I am too old to be sleeping on the floor. I must invest in a good air-mattress (preferably one of those tall ones).

Jordan unwrapped her stuff from Santa the following morning, and our caravan of four vehicles was on the road by 8:00 or so. Wade and Dane took the lead, followed by me, then Leslie & Jordan, then Ruth. Apparently my speedometer is off, so after stopping at a nearby Kum & Go (where I realized I forgot to get Adam and Allison gifts), it was decided I would follow Leslie, keeping up with her.

Wade called several Wal-Marts to see if any were open and on our way to Center, but no such luck. So Adam and Allison received gifts from either a Stuckey's or an analog of Stuckey's. As it turned out, they were good choices, albeit not books, which I prefer to give.

Not far from Macon, Ruth passed us, and Leslie pulled up beside me to try to communicate (yes, I still have no cell phone) that she was stopping at Macon, but Ruth and Wade were not. I didn't know if that meant I was to stop or not, so I opted to keep going.

Luckily, Ruth decided to get behind me. Apparently visions of deadly car accidents danced in her head.

About five miles or so from Center, on Route A, I had a flat tire. Hooray!

I pulled over on a gravel road, and started to change it. Ruth waited with me, and Leslie & Jordan arrived about the time I was jacking up the car.

Leslie decided to drive on, but Jordan wanted to stay with us, as it wasn't going to be long (I just had to change a tire, after all).

Well, surprise of surprises, not all went smoothly. Apparently the tire was FROZEN TO THE... hub, or whatever.

Much wallerin' around under the car to kick at the tire (and risk getting crushed if the jack fell) and several minutes later Ruth drove Jordan and I the rest of the way to Center.

Wade gave me some liquid wrench and a big ol' hammer, and Ruth and I went back to finish the job.

When the tire came off, I got out from under the car, stood up, waving my arms (and the big hammer) in the air, and shouted, "It's a Christmas miracle!"

Anyway, blah blah blah Christmas and good times followed... well, a shower for me followed, then the Christmas and good times.

It's nice to be able to hang out with my family, and my inner child is freaking out that I just typed that.

Leslie, Dane, and I went to see that Narnia movie, then we took Dane to his doctor's appointment, where he was kind enough to hopefully help Dane's mystery swelling go away, but also kind enough to inform Dane (and I) that there might be bad things going on.

But I'm gonna hope for the less bad thing. You can, too.

Anyway, I came back on Wednesday, got some more shopping done, and went to see The Producers last night. Also, I had dinner at Cafe Trio, and I loved it. I especially loved their asparagus. I want to know how they prepared it.

Tonight I bowl. Tomorrow I go to a party (or some parties), and then on Sunday it is the traditional New Year's Day gathering at Patrick & Leighs.

Also, Tricia and I need to discuss my maybe birthday party. Or birthday maybe party, since there is no doubt I'm going to have a birthday... just maybe not a party.

Happy New Year, everyone, in case I don't get to post it before then!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Merry Christmas, Everybody!

I'm running late! Raise your hand if you're shocked!

Here's my 2005 Christmas Card (with letter):

Everybody have a safe and happy holiday weekend!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Where has December gone?

It's the 22nd? When did that happen? I haven't had the type of December I like to have. I have only done the "veg out in front of the tree" thing about two times.

There was another snow day on the day after the aforementioned snow day, and I knew about it the night before, so I got some time in then.

Remember, people, this is my therapy.

Oh, and if you ever want to be shocked at who reads your blog, toss in some offhanded exaggeration about the number of people who read it! Turns out my 2nd grade teacher and my 7th grade science teacher are rumored to read this thing. Who knew?

I'm THIS (picture fingers very close together) far from having my ducks in a row for these two part-time jobs I'm wanting to get, and once those come through, I'll be well on my way to being debt- (and free-time-) free! Hooray for everything!

I'll probably get my online Christmas card... actually, it's a Holiday card, since I include New Year's in there (hate to burst anyone's bubble, but there's a perfectly reasonable... um... reason to use the "Holidays" thing... THERE ARE TWO HOLIDAYS ONE WEEK APART, AND ARE INCLUDED IN THE WHOLE "HOLIDAY SEASON" THING. Okay, rant over. Nothing ruins Christmas like non-Christian self-proclaimed Christians going around wishing you a Merry Christmas as if the act of wishing you a Merry Christmas was some sort of weapon or act of insurrection. See this entry on one of the blogs I read. And then read this comic.)

Anyway, back to the original thought: I'll probably get my online card and my Christmas letter finished and posted today. I'll link from here as well, in case I miss anyone with my mass e-mail (and apparently I will, since more people than just the 3 I was counting in my head seem to read this).

I'll put an update on here when I'm done. Check back frequently!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Snow Day!

Last night around 9:00, while I was on the phone with Tricia, I got the best message in the world: "Mr. Riggs, this is Mrs. Pamperl. We will not be having school tomorrow."

I still woke up at 5:30, but at least I got to go right back to sleep... which lasted until 8:00.

Now that I've killed a few hours, I think I'm going to finish decorating, clean my spare bedroom, clear the front walk for the postman, and grade the papers I brought home with me.

Because there's nothing like a Snow Day to help you relax!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'm Typing as Fast as I Can!

Quick update: Nothing in the nodes, so light chemo.

I had a VERY busy week with rehearsals on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, a birthday dinner on Friday, and performances on Saturday and Sunday.

I'll catch all three of you semi-frequent readers up as soon as I can. I must head out the door very shortly.