Monday, June 25, 2007

Hold That Thought...

First, I forgot that I can't get my e-mail from home right now. So if I don't respond until Thursday or so, that's why.

Second, school e-mail is down.

So, if you have a thought about a transportation solution that will work (and I've already checked the bus schedules, and it doesn't work... also, they're very uncooperative when it comes to the pizza delivery job) hold that thought, or call my cell with it, if you have that number.

Car Dead. Pray for a Quickly-Located Cheap Reliable Replacement

Well, unless I want to spend a few thousand on a new engine, the car is history.

So this is me putting feelers out for a somewhat reliable and cheap used car.

E-mail me!

Prayer Request of a Different Sort

My car made some REALLY frightening noises as I was going to work Saturday, so I pulled off the highway and had it towed.

Whatever you pray to, I'd appreciate you trying this one: "Please let Mark's car, which he depends upon for his near-financial-stability, not be dead. Also, if the repair bill could be under $1000 (or, really, under $500... or, even better, about $20), that would be good."

Thank you.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's MAY! (Well, it is on my website, finally...)

Okay, I've gotten my website update to May...

June will be up in a week or so, pending my coming up with a laffline for June.

I've added two links to the top of my home page. The square picture (which is taken from a picture on my photoblog) on the left near the top (under some words, however) provides a link to my photoblog. The square picture on the right (also taken from a picture on my photoblog) of a pink ribbon pin provides a link to my sister's and her walking partner's newsletter, "Kathy & Ruth Talk the Walk". I had the idea of putting it on my website (pending Ruth telling me to take it down) because I thought it would be a way for people who aren't on the mailing list to access it.

Also, this month's issue has a picture of my elbow in it. Well, my elbow is in a picture that is actually of something other than my elbow. But you get the idea.

Anyway, I wanted to pass that one. So click the link to get to the link to read the newsletter.

And comment, people! Comment!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Great Booty Hunt Of 2007

So I was at this End Of The School Year (Sort Of) Party on Friday night, and amid the strange events that transpired there, I also stumbled across this stuff I'd seen at some grocery store or another, but never thought to buy, called "Booty". "Pirate's Booty", to be exact. Well, that and "Vegi Booty", which also had the pirate on the front.

Anyway, I tried it, and really enjoyed it, particularly the Vegi Booty.

However, I couldn't remember where I had seen it before, so I couldn't buy some of my very own.

So, the recurring real-life character of Ashley got to hear me respond to his, "Did you find everything you needed?" with "Do you sell Booty?".

More than one grocery store employee in the Kansas City area was greeted with "I'm looking for Booty," over the past week.

But the search is over! It's at the grocery store I normally go to, which I was slow to stop by, thanks to that stupid construction on Soutwest Trafficway.


On Grace

With so many of you clamoring to hear the details of my thoughts on Grace, how could I refuse to share?

However, you're just gonna get the Cliff's Notes version, as I don't remember the vast details of my original thoughts/rant.

The major thing was I remembered how I'd hear the part of Christian beliefs that sorta starts with the notion that we're not worthy and how that would make me so angry.

"Uh!" I'd say in a huff, "How dare they assume we just automatically are crap!"

Now, what with many years behind me, I can say, "Oh yeah, right on. No contest."

I mean, seriously, have you met any humans? And I mean no offense to any human who might be reading this.

We are seriously crapoliciousness.

Anyway, that was the bulk of my thoughts on Grace. There was a quote from Season 2 of BtVS that I was gonna throw in there, but I've no time for that right now, as I should be in bed and still want to post something else tonight.

The end.