Sunday, August 29, 2004

One week down...

35 to go...

It's been an odd week at school. I miss having Martin around. Campbell's not around. It's just an odd thing. But we've finished the first week, and the kids seem like a good bunch, overall (since I think I believe that people are basically good with the potential for evil, this is usually how I think of the kids anyway...).

The show closed last night, and I'll be glad for the free time... but I'll miss doing that show and I'll miss the cast (although there wasn't a lot of backstage bonding, since I was onstage just about the entire show). I did have a dream last night about the show. The actress portraying Julie was onstage, and we both lost our place in the script, so we were making up stuff until we could figure out where we needed to be. It was very odd.

I was going to go see The Wilders today, but I decided with gas prices as they are, maybe a drive to Kearney is not such the wise choice. I'll do my walk here in a few minutes, then I'll watch a few Buffy episodes, then I'll go to Ben & Tricia's for dinner... and yes, I'll have a shower somewhere after the walk, but before the dinner.

Hope your life is going well, whoever and wherever you are.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Summer's out for school...

Well, we're back. I'm at loose ends because my friend, my own personal Cordelia Chase, my lunch buddy, my chum, my... I'm out of ways to refer to her... but she's not there this year! It's making me not enjoy the year as much... okay, maybe it's just because it's the first day.

I'm noticing my emotions seem to be on major hold these days. The other night when the show opened, I didn't get nervous until the call for "places" came. Then all of a sudden: BAM! nervous.

And I wasn't dealing with this absent friend at all until this morning on the way to school, when I realized I wasn't as excited as usual about the year starting up, and then I realized why.

I went into her old room this morning to give someting to the teacher who took her place, and I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown or something.

Oh well, I'll get over it. So it goes.

In other news...

First, let me apologize. I don't think people should die for voting as if they were a German living in early Nazi Germany... but I do think they should be put in so much pain they'd wish they were dead, and there should be a button on the wall that says "Death and an end to pain," but when they hit it, it merely causes them even more pain.

Because I think it's wrong to wish people dead, and I let my anger lead me down a bad path... see the nightmare post from earlier.

But enough of my asking forgiveness for doing something so thoughtless...

I had to tell a funny story from a few days after the election. My supervisor was having me collect these packs from people so I could get them all ready for the next time we needed them. Our boss had one, and I asked her if I could get it back. She gave me her keys and said it was in her car. She asked if I knew her vehicle, and I said yes.

So I'm in the parking lot, standing by her car (I see that pack in the car), and no matter how I position the keychain, I can't make the door unlock. I try the keys, but they don't work.

I go back upstairs and ask her if I had the right car (despite having seen the pack in the car). She confirms her vanity plate letters, and I go back down to spend another five or ten minutes attempting to get in.

Did I mention it's hot outside, and stairs are involved in getting back to the office every time I go back in.

So I decide to give up, and start walking up the outside stairs to the office. Then I decide to see if I can make the alram sound. I hit the button and a truck on the other side of the parking lot goes nuts. I realzed at that point I had no experience with car alarms, and hoped there wasn't anything complicated about turning them off... I hit the button again and shut it up, then went to my boss to explain what happened.

"Oh, I forgot, I have both vehicles here today!"

I was too happy realizing I wasn't as big of an idiot as I thought to be angry. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who makes mistakes like that, I guess.

Okay, I admit it, it was funnier when I was living it...

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Missouri: The Show-Me-Hate

Well, what more is there to say than 71% of the Missourians who voted yesterday deserve to die in a very painful way, while I watch (eating popcorn, even)?

There is a certain feeling of freedom you get when you are free to hate without having to hide it in a constitutional amendment. Missouri... what a scab on the face of this nation.

I figured it was going to pass, but I didn't think it would be by so much. I forgot Missouri has thousands of the hate-houses (they call them churches... mostly they believe this guy named Jesus came from some thing called god to teach everyone how to hate correctly... as if we as humans couldn't figure that out on our own) that afflict the countryside. So many hate-houses, so few bulldozers.

Ah, Missouri. What a joke.

There aren't words to describe how disgusting. It's as if the state has legalized the lynching of people of the "wrong" skin color... or legalized the forced wearing of little yellow star-shaped patches for certain citizens. Let's take a whole sub-set of our population, and call them "less than human". It's worked SO well in the past.

He's from Missouri. You'll have to show him.

Well, there are still 49 other states that think freedom isn't about discrimination and hatred. But you better pencil that number in. I hear Kansas is REAL upset-like and all that it didn't get to be the first scab state in the fag-hatin' festival.