Thursday, April 01, 2010

As I Was Going Down The Stair

Don't read too much into this, as I have no idea what it means...

But "I feel like the man who wasn't there," keeps going through my head, and it just feels oddly appropriate. I'd love to connect it to... well, anything, really. But I'm not doing a very good job of it. I was trying to describe to myself what I felt like (I live alone, so good company for conversation isn't a staple here), and this is the phrase my brain sent me.

It's right up there with "My heart wants to sing, but it doesn't know the words," from 1989 or so. It's better than 1992's "Listen to the clear blue world," or "Welcome to the clear blue world," which my brain supplied in a dream, however.

Yeah, my brain has too much time on its hands.

Anyway, that's what I feel like right now. I just feel very... not here.

It probably doesn't help that I'm becoming more and more of a homebody. I'm home, I don't want to go out. End of story. Really. You should be here for the pep talks I give myself when I'm considering going out to a movie or to the store.

Whatever. I just thought I'd share here, because that thought is a very good reason for not writing as often as I have: I feel like the man who wasn't there.

Nobody sees me, but they wish I'd go away!

Okay, I just made myself laugh.

Also, here are some sites to check out... I need to update my link list over there, I guess. Maybe I'll just do that instead. Both would be better, I guess...

Mike Humphrey, a guy I knew in college has a column at true/slant here:
Brenda (she's commented on here, and I've known her since college, as well) blogs here:
And photoblogs here:


Purple Cow said...

Nice links...

Don't worry about being the man on the stair. Trust me, it's a lot worse being a purple cow...

I think we just get more reclusive the older we get...more introverted.

Enjoy this time, and look on the bright side of life and living alone eg. finding things where you leave them, having the air condition just so, etc.


Michael said...

The issue is that you're wonderful company. I have to find other people because I get so damn tired of myself.

LOCIO said...

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BeDoubleYou said...

Hey! Thanks for posting the link to my blogs! That was very nice of you. It's so funny that you wrote this when it's exactly how I've been feeling lately, too. In FACT... I just blogged a very well-formed rationalization for staying in on a sunny, Spring day. I'm sorry, when did the law pass requiring everyone to leave the comfort of their homes and go outside once Spring arrives? Must have been some kind of earmark that got tacked onto and buried in the weight of the health care bill or something. Probably under the heading "mental health" or something, you know, because of S.A.D. Well, sometimes I just don't want to spend the time, energy and money it takes to get out, so there!

P.S. This does put a damper on the success of my photo blog, however. I fear I shall run out of photos to post if I don't DO anything! I've got to get a better camera for that, too. That's my other excuse for its lameness. Been using my phone for that and it's just no good... K. That's all (what? finished commenting already?)

tinymiyo said...

love the links

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Kirsty said...

I've got your link and your extra ones duly noted!

Arshed Nabeel said...

Nice blog, bud. I like your weird, tripping sense of humor. Good job, keep seeing ya around. :)

And by the way, my blog is HERE.

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