Sunday, May 20, 2007

I Don't Know If Things Are Looking Up, But I Keep Looking Up

So I have this new response I keep wanting to try out when people ask me how I'm doing. Here's the script.

Person: How are you doing?

Me: Oh, I'm doing GREAT!

Person: Really? That's--

Me: No, not really. It's this new thing I'm trying, called "Fake It 'Til You Make It". It essentially involves lying repeatedly until death.

Mainly because I think it's funny.

Things are looking up. But have I posted here how I seem to be obsessed with phtographing clouds? Seriously, you should see my cloud photo collection.

In other news: Got my site updated FOR APRIL! I hope to have it updated for May by, oh... the 25th or so. Go check it out. The laffline this month is about Jesus.

I had some thoughts about grace the other day. Not the one you say at a meal, but the one that taught my soul to something-or-other in the song "Amazing Grace". I'm not going to put them here just yet, if ever. The moment may have passed.

Mom-O-Grams went well. Either my voice is awful and makes people cry or people tend to get moist in the eyes when being sung to one-on-one. It was fun. If it happens again, I hope more people get them. Everyone who got one seemed to really appreciate it.

Let's see... went to Atchison for a weekend. Didn't go ghost-hunting, though.

I had a rant about a certain type of parent, and I was gonna share, but, again, the moment has passed.

I just wanted you people to know what you're missing by my being so busy.

This is what a non-blog should be all about. That and the hokey-pokey.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I Write The Songs

I met with Ruth this evening and we recorded 9 little ditties for her Mom-O-Gram fundraiser for her Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk. The video footage is great, as I had only rough ideas when I left the school at 4:50 or so, and only added the e-mail she'd sent me after our brainstorming meeting where we figured out what tunes to put with the different categories of Singling Telegrams (Working Mom, Soccer Mom, Mr. Mom, etc.) when I stopped by my house to find something halfway suitable to wear for the video shoot (I went with the 1980s Student Council Guy look, as my tux was in no way ready to wear). It's not TOO obvious that the songs aren't super-familiar to me.

I left my house around 5:15 or so, and on the 45 minutes (or was it an hour) trip, I managed to create five or six songs. Luckily traffic was awful, so I had plenty of time to quickly write a line before traffic moved again.

Then, at Ruth's, I whipped up the remaining three or four songs.

Ruth's reaction to me doing this leads me to believe this isn't something large amounts of people do--or maybe enough people don't do it well and thus it seems impressive when someone does it at least relatively well.

I am cursed or blessed with a rhyming and somewhat rhythmic-oriented brain. I can't hear a "doo dah" without proclaiming it to be a "doo dah" and then singing it to the tune of the opening of Camptown Races. Maybe that's what it is.

I don't know. It's odd. And as far as gifts go, what's the point? I mean, other than writing Mom-O-Gram ditties for your sister's fundraiser.

Anyway, that was my evening. I got a free meal out of it (thanks, Ruth--forgot to say that before I left), and now we have funny footage of me acting like going all mushmouth over whole phrases will work as a way to cover the fact I've forgotten the words.

I'm off to bed to watch Lost, and then try to sleep. Tomorrow I cook for TNT!