Tuesday, July 20, 2004

And now, a word from our bowler...

Lisa and I won first place in DOUBLES in the tournament this weekend! Woo-hoo!

That is all. For now. More on Jon and Jhoneric and Julie and Stacy winning first in TEAM to follow later.

Sunday, July 18, 2004


Okay, it's so seldom I have a nightmare that I have to share it... but be warned, it might not be for the faint of heart. It's kinda icky in places.

The first part of the nightmare was about me visiting this guy I hardly know at all. I was at his house and these giant tornadoes attacked the city. We were watching it all out his bay window (I've never seen this guy's house, but I guess I think he has a bay window). The tornados were possessed or something, because you could plainly see faces on them, almost like they were being projected onto them.

Anyway, tornado, tornado, scream, crash, scary scary, but then that part of the dream ended when I left this guy and his family and started walking down the road.

The paved road became a gravel road, and I saw a car coming (did I mention it suddenly was the middle of the night?) and decided I should hide from it. It was like a Hummer or something, and they didn't see me. But as I was leaving the tall grass where I'd been hiding, I realized the road was no longer a gravel road, but more of a worn path. This was made more strange (and creepy) by the fact a voice said, "Be sure to choose the right path."

I decided since disembodied voices don't speak to me often, I should make this my primary guideline for the next few minutes... and of course the next thing I know I turn down a path that became a street decorated for Halloween... but in a creepy way. I can't explain how it was creepy. There were scarecrows with jack-o-lantern heads, and other whatnot.

But the really creepy part distracted me from the what-makes-this-so-creepy?-ness: I looked down and there was what appeared to be either a mauled baby or an aborted fetus.

And it wasn't alone. There was another one just a few feet ahead of me. Then I realized there was sort of a trail of them. So I start following this trail of small bloody bodies, and I'm totally freaking out (I mean the more lucid part of me... in the dream I was just simply terrified). I get to this tree and they've been like nailed to it or something, making the trail go up the tree, and laying on a branch is this big fat guy, all bloody and bloated and WAY obviously dead... and he'd been cut open, too. It was hideous.

When remembering this dream yesterday (I had it night before last), I thought I woke up there, but thinking about it, I remember there was a part after it where I had a total freak-out... I was freaked that I'd SO obviously chosen the wrong path, after the nice disembodied voice had advised against it, and I was freaked out because: ick... dead bodies galore.

I remember a brief bit about trying to find someone to tell me which way to the right path. And then while I was freaking out, I think that's when I woke up.

I'd like to blame the nightmares on the beverages I'd ingested while hanging out with Jon & Jhoneric Friday night. However, I had a mini-nightmare last night. Nothing like that one, so I won't bother to share it.

I must be nuts.


Okay, I haven't posted for... um... 17 days or so.

So, to catch up:

I saw The Wilders in a concert at a bar here in KC on the 2nd. It was THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST THING EVER. They closed the place. By that time the crowd had dwindled down to just enough for them to come down to the floor to perform. It was very cool. I had a great time.

We won the Road Rally on the 3rd! I got some of the time spent in the car and around town on video. Maybe someday you can see the documentary...

Also, this man at River Market said something that made me want to punch him in the face. Ask me about that someday.

Following winning the Road Rally, I drove to Patrick & Leigh's for Tessa's birthday party. I was late, but it was all good. Much fun and frivolity. A good time was had by all!

I was going to another Wilders gig that night, but my sore body revolted and instead I went home and was a slug.

The fourth got be back to tradition (I skipped tradition last year because I was in Gettysburg, and thus not able to continue the tradition) and spent most of the day and all evening at Patrick & Leigh's. This year we finally ACTUALLY made a list of the fireworks we'd purchased which we enjoyed. I learned this about myself: I'm not much of a fountain person.

Most of my days since then have been either working at the election board, hanging out with Tricia and the girls, or doing a bit of this-and-that at the school. I got to see Jen one day at Tricia's, and that was a cool thing.

I'm in rehearsals for "Jake's Women", which goes up on August 19th. Fun stuff, fun stuff... and that's what my Mon. thru Thur. evenings are spent doing.

I'm in a bowling tournament this weekend. I do well enough in my handicap games to make out well in the brackets. I walked in with $32 in my wallet, and despite paying Jhoneric back for breakfast the night before, I still walked out with $32 in my wallet! Go me!

I don't think I missed any major hoo-hah, but I'll let you know if I did! Later!

Thursday, July 01, 2004

Why go to the movies?

In this, my first draft of the letter I want to write to Cinemark, I will share with you my experience of viewing Shrek 2 tonight...

Everything was fine and dandy until 4 Cheryls come in (ask Jhoneric what a Cheryl is, and I apologize to my cousin Cheryl for using that term in that way), yammering away (the previews have started).

Now, if you're the type of person who doesn't have any interest in watching the previews, here's a cookie. I'm proud of you. Shout it from the mountain tops on your own time, perhaps in the direction of someone who could give a drenn.

So I let them have their I'm-an-idiot talk until just before the movie started... because why bother with the big lesson on respect when the smaller lessons of simple addition and knowing their hind ends from holes in the ground are so far beyond them, right?

But the movie started, and I leaned forward (of course, they had to sit in front of me) and said, "Just so you know, this isn't your living room, and if you continue to talk, I'm going to have to ask the management in here."

And these four Cheryls took this opportunity to talk. I figured I wouldn't miss much if I just missed the first few moments, so I got up and told the first lackey I could that I needed the problem of the four "ladies" talking taken care of. I lucked out and ran into someone right outside the theater (I was in one in the back corner, of course).

What does this guy do? He comes in the entrance that is in front of most of the seats. I didn't say "the four idiot ladies who can't figure out to shut up if someone official is watching them".

So, about 15 minutes into the movie, I have to get up again. This time I go straight to the first person who looks like they might be of some managementedness... and I know that's not a word. And I say, "This is the second time I've had to come out of Shrek 2 to have someone take care of these four girls who will not stop talking. If I have to come back again, I'm going to want my money back."

I was told to stop by on my way out and I'd get a free pass anyway, but as it didn't come with these four Cheryls' tongues on a platter, I had no interest in it.

Guess how they came looking? Yes, not the door at the BACK of the theater, but the entrance that leads you right to the front of most of the house.

Idiots. Paper-cuts.

So you'll have to wait until Shrek 2 comes out on DVD to ask me what I think of it. Mostly I think your average American has no sense of BASIC respect for those around them. This is not news. I've thought this for years. But it's nice to be proven right again and again. Not.

Okay. Rant over. Have a nice day.