Sunday, July 18, 2004


Okay, I haven't posted for... um... 17 days or so.

So, to catch up:

I saw The Wilders in a concert at a bar here in KC on the 2nd. It was THE ABSOLUTE COOLEST THING EVER. They closed the place. By that time the crowd had dwindled down to just enough for them to come down to the floor to perform. It was very cool. I had a great time.

We won the Road Rally on the 3rd! I got some of the time spent in the car and around town on video. Maybe someday you can see the documentary...

Also, this man at River Market said something that made me want to punch him in the face. Ask me about that someday.

Following winning the Road Rally, I drove to Patrick & Leigh's for Tessa's birthday party. I was late, but it was all good. Much fun and frivolity. A good time was had by all!

I was going to another Wilders gig that night, but my sore body revolted and instead I went home and was a slug.

The fourth got be back to tradition (I skipped tradition last year because I was in Gettysburg, and thus not able to continue the tradition) and spent most of the day and all evening at Patrick & Leigh's. This year we finally ACTUALLY made a list of the fireworks we'd purchased which we enjoyed. I learned this about myself: I'm not much of a fountain person.

Most of my days since then have been either working at the election board, hanging out with Tricia and the girls, or doing a bit of this-and-that at the school. I got to see Jen one day at Tricia's, and that was a cool thing.

I'm in rehearsals for "Jake's Women", which goes up on August 19th. Fun stuff, fun stuff... and that's what my Mon. thru Thur. evenings are spent doing.

I'm in a bowling tournament this weekend. I do well enough in my handicap games to make out well in the brackets. I walked in with $32 in my wallet, and despite paying Jhoneric back for breakfast the night before, I still walked out with $32 in my wallet! Go me!

I don't think I missed any major hoo-hah, but I'll let you know if I did! Later!

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