Sunday, January 23, 2011

I Don't Have Anything to Add to This...

My sister Ruth has a blog. This isn't news if you follow my lack-of-blog faithfully (which--of course--your should be).

Yesterday she posted this entry. I loved what she had to say and laughed out loud so many times (the loud, barking kind--the kind that makes you glad you no longer live in an apartment, as it would startle the people living upstairs), I'm opting to share it today.

It's my brother's birthday, and thus would have been a great day to go on and on about him and what a great brother he is for many different reasons (and I'm really not being sarcastic there). I considered actually talking about what's great about all my siblings, but I think it'd cheapen it if I knew it was really so I could do the birthday thing and get a link to Ruth's blog entry snuck in there somewhere.

So I'm doing this instead. My brother is probably dealing with enough of a shock knowing that I think he's a great brother.

Baby steps.


Anonymous said...

The be a great brother too...send stamps

Anonymous said...

damn...your proofreading skills are rubbing off...that should have been "Then be a great brother...."