Sunday, January 30, 2011


So I finally failed at getting at least one picture of me from a stranger every week. Now I'm going to shoot for the average to be one stranger per week.

Really, I could have had a stranger take my picture on Wednesday night, but didn't think of it--and I'm not sure if it would have counted if it was someone I was just introduced to (or am about to be introduced to, if I wanted to be all crafty and say, "Before Jason introduces us, would you take my picture first?" so I'd be telling the truth when I said a stranger took the picture.

Whatever. I can still make the average. Averages are easy.

It's just awkward when I'm by myself to ask some stranger to take my picture. When I was with Binx and Carrie, it was easy and natural. When it's just me, it's... awkward.

Plus, I have a nice camera. What if they turn out to be a thief and run away with it? I've lost weight, but I don't know that I can catch anybody if it came down to a race on foot!

What would be cool to have, however, is pictures of me that I didn't know existed until they were sent. Say posted some old pictures on Facebook a while back, and there were pictures of me there I either hadn't seen in so long I thought I'd never seen them before, or I hadn't actually seen them ever before. It'd be fun to get pictures like that e-mailed to me. I could post them here with a caption or an explanation or an apology or an excuse, or whatever applies.

So, if you have a picture of me, and think I may have never seen it before, send it to me! (If you've never met me, but saw the show out at the Clemens Amphitheatre near Hannibal MO in 1982, 1983, or 1985, and you brought a camera and took pictures, you may have one of me, by the way!)

If you need my e-mail address... we'll work something out.

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