Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Twelve Traditions of My Christmases, Day 8

This is really a New Year's Day tradition, but I figure since my holiday season starts right after Thanksgiving and then goes for all 12 days of Christmas, I'm good to go...

For the past 18 New Year's Days (counting the one that just ended about 15 minutes ago, as I type this), Patrick & Leigh have hosted a gathering at their home on New Year's Day. I haven't made all of them, but I've made more than enough to qualify as a tradition.

It's the day I give Tessa and Jake (and now Wil) their Christmas presents. Usually it's a guaranteed day to see Greg and Trevor, and in previous years, David and Julie (and in recent years, Tyson as well). Sometimes it has been a day to see people I don't see any other time of year. Back 16 years or so ago, people would show up having not gone to sleep yet from the night before.

Before Jake came along (and for a while after he came along), people would show up pretty early, and some people would stay pretty late. Leigh always makes ham sandwiches on rolls and a delicious potato soup. I always bring Nutter Butters, but I always bring Nutter Butters to events... and it's tradition that I call from the store to see if they need me to bring ice.

I don't remember the first year I attended. In 1994, I was living in Los Angeles, but I may have been in town for that New Year's Day--I really don't remember. I couldn't tell you if I made it in 1995, either (I was living in Jefferson City at the time, I know that much... or just about to... I may have still been living in that trailer with no heat and openings in the floor).

The crowd has changed over the years, but the event is still a sort of "cap" on the season. (As a side note, I keep thinking I'd like to have a Feast of the Epiphany every year--as sort of carry-in ongoing supper where people can eat, then help me take down my decorations to officially end the season... but I don't think I'll ever actually do it.)

This year we got to add some singing around the player piano. This year David and Julie and family were in New Mexico, where they now live. We did give them a call, however.

Time passes; things change!

I'd love to be able to share Leigh's recipe for potato soup, but I don't know it... and I don't know that I want the world at large to know it. If you want some, you have to stop by the party next year!

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