Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Another Random Moment from My Past

It was 1997, I believe. It was the start of a long string of community theatre and Martin City Melodrama & Vaudeville Company work for me. It was the first rehearsal for the Bell Road Barn production of Godspell.

We were in a house that was part of a campus, or part of some organization or another. It wasn't a house for people to live in, at any rate. I knew two people in the room, but didn't realize I knew one of them (Jesus... well, he wasn't Jesus, but was portraying him in the production... I knew him from Jewell, but didn't realize I knew him yet... the guy, not Jesus... where was I? Oh yeah, Jesus and Leigh... that's actually Leigh, not someone portraying Leigh from the story of Jesus in the Bible).

So we're all sitting around not talking at all, which is rare in a room full of actors, but whatever. There was this high-pitched squeal that wasn't really loud, but was easily heard by most anyone paying at least some attention. After a few minutes of everyone sitting and waiting for the director to show up, someone said, "Does anybody else hear that high-pitched squeal?"

Someone else replied, "It's the heater."

Some more silence ensued. After a pretty well-chosen amount of time I piped up and said, "Does anybody else hear that voice saying, 'Kill them... kill them all...'?"

After the appropriate amount of horrified and uncomfortable silence, Leigh finally gave out an exasperated, "Riggs!"

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