Sunday, January 16, 2011

Shallow Me

I am not a deep person. I don't know that I ever was a deep person. So I can't decide whether I should say I've become so shallow, or say I have finally realized how shallow I am.

Or maybe I'm just escapist.


The deal is, my second-cousin-in-law writes and/or runs this blog/site about movies and entertainment. Maybe it's more of an online magazine. Whatever. I suck at identifying things, obviously. My point is: I don't visit it as much as I'd like, but I always enjoy what I read there, especially her stuff.

I've visited it a few more times in recent weeks because I spoke at length with her husband last month and it put me in the mind to check it on occasion. When Matt shared this article on Facebook where Shannon shares her top movie picks of the last year, I clicked it and read it and... realized I've either always been a shallow person (or totally escapist), or I've become whichever term it is we eventually decide applies here.

At first I read the list and thought, "I always go see really goofy or sci-fi or not-very-serious stuff."

Well, no, first I had an inner grouse about "Waiting for Superman", and then I thought that other bit, which was the more important bit, as I've not seen W4S and thus have no right to grouse.

So my brain, trying to salvage what little self-esteem I have left (which is very little, considering my life to date, you know) was all like, "Yeah, but you are more of a reader."

Yeah, what do I read? Escapist stuff. I mean, I think Terry Pratchett writes some pretty intelligent stuff, mind you, but it's not like stuff everyone knows because is so serious and moving and... I don't know... sells.

I think "serious," "moving," "deep," and "popular among people who think" are like stand-up comedians to me. That is to say, something I loathe the thought of seeing, but always enjoy seeing when I do.

Then again, perhaps on my journey to crotchety old man-ness, I am slowly becoming that way about everything other than sitting alone at home waiting for kids to stray into my yard so I can yell at them to get out of it.

I don't know. Maybe I'm just jaded. Maybe I'm just bored. But I do know any time I talk about the books and movies and television shows I like, I start thinking, "Wow, this doesn't read like the list of someone who likes "serious" entertainment, let alone "serious" art!

Well, enough of this. I have to go watch my DVR of Primeval, take in some Desperate Housewives, and make sure my DVR has enough room for new episodes of Chuck, Hot in Cleveland, and Fringe this week!


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