Thursday, January 20, 2011

This is NOT the Blog Post You are Looking For...

Yeah, if you came here for the story of last night as told by texts and status updates, that got put on hold during flat-tire-a-thon today.

Actually, there was no -a-thon about it. There was really only one flat tire that sucked the joy out of my life for about... let me get back to you when I feel the joy return.

The short version is: flat tire, Tires Plus, led to believe it wouldn't be long, turns out I should have been told it was going to be quite a long wait, lost my temper, walked home, had a snack, walked back with boots on so as not to nearly give myself frostbite like I did on the way home, wait some more, finally get on the road again...

Bonus: visit Patrick & Leigh and family!

And then back home to eat lunch as dinner after decided lunch had more vegetables and fruits, so it was the way to go.

Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll get that other post up.

I should really never make plans...

Except I teach, and it's kinda required.

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