Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wednesday Night Epic Trip to Liberty and Back

First, some important data: According to MapQuest, the distance from my home to Cody's work (not really in Liberty, but "by" it) is 7.21 miles, and the trip should take 11 minutes. Also, there was a crazy amount of snow that started falling Wednesday afternoon and it kept it up into the night. Cody originally was not going to go in, but his phone was at home charging while we were running errands, and he didn't know the number, so he was the last person to call in. And now our story begins...

Text from Cody, 4:18p.m.: Hey they said I had to go in

Text to Cody, 4:18p.m.: Ready now?

Text from Cody, 4:20p.m.: In a bit like 5

Text to Cody, 4:20p.m.: Ok. Fire a text at me.

Text to Cody, 4:28p.m.: Omw

Text from Cody, 4:34p.m.: (816) 413-3155 for the idiot that doesn't know his work number

(Note: That was a forward from Cody's phone, so I'd have his work number in case the whole, "Don't have my phone because it's charging, but need to call in" thing ever happens again.)

Text to Cody, 7:00p.m.: No school tomorrow.

Text from Cody, 7:02p.m.: Nice!

Text from Cody, 8:27p.m.: Hey could ya get me now please? :-)

Text to Cody, 8:27p.m.: On my way!

Status update, 8:28p.m.: Mark Travis Riggs is headed back out into the snow. I'll status update when I get back home!

Text from Cody, 8:31p.m.: Cool

Status comment from Becky, 8:37p.m.: Why? Are you crazy? Yes, rhetorical question!

Text to Cody, 8:42p.m.: Next exit is yours, but traffic is at a crawl here.

Text from Cody, 8:43p.m.: Ok am ready too

Text to Cody, 8:43p.m.: Well, it may be a while!

Text from Cody, 8:44p.m.: That slow?

Text to Cody, 8:44p.m.: I'm about a tenth of a mile further along thasnll

Text to Cody, 8:44p.m.: Than when i first tested

Text to Cody, 8:45p.m.: Tested

Text to Cody, 8:45p.m.: @#*% auto correct

Text to Cody, 8:45p.m.: Texted

Text from Cody, 8:46p.m.: LMAO

Text to Cody, 8:46p.m.: :-)

Text to Cody, 8:46p.m.: Am parked just past exit before yours.

Text to Manchion, 8:48p.m.: If you're bored and can research what the hell is going on on I-35, before Liberty, that would be cool.

Status comment from me, 8:51p.m.: Picking up Cody from work. However, currently parked on I-35 North before 152 exit. Have no idea what the hold-up is, but imagine it isn't pretty.

Text to Cody, 8:51p.m.: Movement!

Text from Cody, 8:52p.m.: Lol

Text to Cody, 8:52p.m.: False hope. Stopped again.

Text from Cody, 8:52p.m.: @#*%

Text to Cody, 8:53p.m.: So it goes. At least I have Facebook!

Text from Cody, 8:54p.m.: Haha true that

Text to Cody, 8:55p.m.: You okay there? Nobody gettin' pi**y that you're hanging about?

Text from Cody, 8:55p.m.: No not at all

Text to Cody, 8:56p.m.: Um... Somebody just got out to walk their dog!

Text from Cody, 8:57p.m.: No way I wish I was there to see that lol

Text to Cody, 8:57p.m.: Must have been a potty break. Back in the truck now.

Text to Cody, 8:59p.m.: What's the address there? If they end up turning us around I'll have Garmin find an alternate route.

Text from Cody, 9:00p.m.: Idk lol

Text from Manchion, 9:02p.m.: Doesn't look like an accident, just really slow... around 23 mph according to kmbc...

Text to Manchion, 9:02p.m.: Try about 23 mph slower than that! Lol

Status comment from Cathy, 9:04p.m.: Mark Travis! You are a TRUE friend! Be safe and update! Love you!

Text to Cody, 9:04p.m.: Got it. Didn't think to call the restaurant! Duh me!

Text to Cody, 9:04p.m.: Got it. Didn't think to call the restaurant! Duh me!

Text to Cody, 9:04p.m.: Ignore that...

Text from Manchion, 9:04p.m.: Hmmm... weird, let me keep looking, now I am intrigued!!

Text to Manchion, 9:05p.m.: Lol... Well, if you have something better to do in this universe filled with better things to do, I'd understand!

Text to Cody, 9:08p.m.: More movement!

Text from Manchion, 9:09p.m.: I think they may have closed an exit ramp...

Text from Cody, 9:09p.m.: Lol ok

Text to Cody, 9:10p.m.: The real kind

Text to Manchion, 9:10p.m.: $#@*

Text from Manchion, 9:12p.m.: Yup. Watching Inception. Weird movie.

Text to Manchion, 9:12p.m.: Agreed

Status comment from Becky, 9:24p.m.: Be careful! Keep us posted. Stay safe.

Status comment from me, 9:25p.m.: About a half mile further on than my last post! Lol

Text from Cody, 9:29p.m.: You almost here

Text to Cody, 9:29p.m.: I am 1.1 miles from the exit.

Text from Cody, 9:30p.m.: @#*% its really backed up huh

Text to Cody, 9:30p.m.: Yes. It is of the frustrating.

Status comment from Becky, 9:38p.m.: Oh no!

Status comment from me, 9:40p.m.: Yes. Have no idea what the deal is. Still in the same spot.

Status comment from Becky, 9:44p.m.: Watching news now. 129 and Barry is ok. 635 NB ramp to 70 E stopped. Nothing else on there at the moment. Will keep you posted!

Status comment from me, 9:48p.m.: Thank you! Just moved 0.1 miles!

Status comment from me, 9:50p.m.: Make that 0.2 miles! 

Text from Cody, 9:53p.m.: How far are you now?

Text to Cody, 9:54p.m.: 0.9 miles from exit. Thought we passed the problem, but there must be more than one.

Text from Cody, 9:55p.m.: @#*%

Text to Cody, 9:56p.m.: Sorry you're having to wait so long.

Text from Cody, 9:56p.m.: Its fine

Text to Cody, 9:57p.m.: Well, at least you'll have a very boring story to tell your grandchildren.

Text from Cody, 9:58p.m.: Lmao!

Text to Cody, 9:59p.m.: So frustrated I could weep.

Text to Cody, 10:01p.m.: If you're bored, start thinking of an exercise routine for me.

Status comment from me, 10:04p.m.: 0.3 miles! Now 0.8 miles from the exit!

Text from Cody, 10:05p.m.: Lol well I could look some up

Text to Cody, 10:06p.m.: Oh, I am sure you have better things to do. I'm in a better place now. Moved a bit.

Text from Cody, 10:07p.m.: That's good is it gonna go faster now?

Text to Cody, 10:08p.m.: No. Stopped again. But one of these times has to be THE time, right? I choose to believe it will be this next time.

Status comment from Becky, 10:09p.m.: ‎35 SB and Jarboe, wreck, stand still, semis are stuck. 39th and Woodland messy. Fire at independence ave and Quincey. Nothing about where u r yet.

Status comment from me, 10:11p.m.: Dang! Get me the number for KMBC 9. If they pay me, I'll do an audio report via phone!

Status comment from Becky, 10:11p.m.: I 70 wb and 435 wreck

Status comment from Becky, 10:21p.m.: ‎221-9999 try that one

Status comment from Becky, 10:23p.m.: Get this! One of channel 9's staff is stuck where u are and has been for almost 3 hours. He called them and told them he doesn't know why either.

Status comment from Becky, 10:24p.m.: Stuck in the line of traffic like u, not in a ditch.

Status comment from Becky, 10:24p.m.: He said 35 n almost at 152. Dang!

Text to Cody, 10:27p.m.: At exit!

Status comment from me, 10:28p.m.: At exit!

Text from Cody, 10:31p.m.: K just come to the front.

Text to Cody, 10:50p.m.: Home, in case you were worried I wouldn't make it!

Status comment from me, 10:50p.m.: Home!

Status update, 10:52p.m.: Mark Travis Riggs is home, safe and sound, with no idea what the heck was going on at I-35 North and 152... But is very grateful to Kyrie Okerstrom Manchion and Becky Dunn for trying to find out for me!

Status comment from me (on 8:28p.m. post), 10:54p.m.: @Cathy: This whole thing reminded me of the time I went to New London on a bus Freshman year to paint windows for Art Club (remember that Christmas fundraiser?) and Mom had to come get me because of the blizzard everyone knew about BEFORE I got on the bus. She was one angry woman!

Status comment from me (on 10:52p.m. post), 10:57p.m.: is, me... what's that about? Whatever. I'm home and I'm glad. Was running out of CDs to listen to in the car.

Status comment from Becky (on 10:52p.m. post), 4:11a.m.: Whew! Glad you made it! :)

(My aunt Rachel "Liked" that last comment.)

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