Wednesday, January 12, 2011

So There Was This Guy By The Side Of The Road With A Sign...

I took Cody to work today, and there was this guy at the side of the road at the top of the exit to 152 or whatever it is there in Liberty, and he had a sign about being stranded and every little bit helps...

People were giving him money, but I wanted to ask him where he was going... or where he needed to go. Because if it wasn't, you know... California or something, I think I would honestly consider giving the guy a lift.

Yes, yes, he could be an insane person with a gun or a knife and a plan to kill me or worse, but... what a lot of work just to get to kill me (or do worse to me). I mean, I'd admire his dedication, at least.

But here's the thing: I didn't stop and ask him. I drove by because the light had changed and there were people behind me. I thought, "I'll swing back around and ask him." Actually, I said part of all that out loud, because Cody asked me if I was serious.

When you aren't used to a passenger in your car, you get used to being able to speak your thoughts aloud often, and forget to avoid doing it when you do get a passenger.

Anyway, I dropped Cody off and I drove back around to the old Bob's IGA shopping center or whatever that's called there, trying to figure out where I could park so I could walk up the hill and ask the guy. I figured I could try to drive up the exit again, but it was getting closer to 4:00, and a lot of people are heading home for work--so odds are I'd have people behind me again.

I pulled into the complex or whatever that my former doctor used to work from, realizing it wasn't the turn I wanted. Then, as I was pulling out to get to the next building's parking lot, I realized I needed to buy groceries before I did any long driving--and then realized I was supposed to have dinner at the Klumb home this evening, which would probably need to be adjusted now that I was probably picking up Cody from work later.

So I thought, "I'll go get groceries, call Jason about dinner, and--oh yeah, I need to go to Lowe's for those supplies for math class, so I'll do that..."

And that was that.

Then I started thinking maybe it would be easier just to buy the guy a bus ticket, and give him a lift to the bus terminal. Shortly after that, I started wondering how much bus tickets were these days, and wondered if I could call the church and ask for some financial aid in this endeavor, and...

Oh yeah, wait, that was that.

Yeah, I know, in this day and age you don't give people you don't know a lift. I know. I don't care. Something in me tells me I shouldn't care and I should help out, and usually it uses Patsy's voice to do so. I have no idea why, as I don't remember her picking up a lot of hitch-hikers or anything.

So I left it at, "If he's there when I go to pick Cody up, I'll ask then."

He wasn't. So I didn't.

If you're keeping score, Mark: 0, World: A kerjillion.

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