Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Very Important Message About Television

I'm lying. This isn't important at all.

However, I'd like to apologize in advance to everyone involved in the production of the series "Harry's Law".

I enjoyed your show last night. That's like a death-wish to a series.

I tried really hard not to like it, but I've liked Kathy Bates since she was in that one movie with the guy with the face (sorry, Manchion, I had to). So I recorded it and watched it. Then I had to go and like it.

I'm watching The Cape on Monday nights as well, mostly because I think Summer Glau is cool. I'd prefer to watch her in a rebirth of Firefly, but the odds of that happening are so very slim. I'm not as into this show, however, so it may survive.

On the "not ever going to watch" is Being Human, the I'm-too-stupid-to-use-context-clues-to-get-the-British-bits-of-the-actual-series version on the Mostly Reality Shows That Are Even More Stupid Than Actual Reality Shows But Are Loosely Connected To Science Fiction And/Or Fantasy And/Or Horror In Some Way Channel (SyFy for short). I'm sure it's all well and good, but why watch the copy version on channel 63 when you can watch the real one on 263? I don't get it. I love the one on BBC America, however--because I'm that lame.

I should also report that my liking a show does not seem to have the power to reach across the ocean. It's good that I don't have that kind of power, or I might use it for evil.

What else? Oh yes, someone please rescue Stargate Universe from M.R.S.T.A.E.M.S.T.A.R.S.B.A.L.C.T.S.F.A./O.F.A./O.H.I.S.W.C. (SyFy), okay? As I've mentioned before, it's my new "Lost" (in that I have to watch it the night it's on, not the next day).

And while we're on the topic: You kids get out of my yard!

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