Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Missouri: The Show-Me-Hate

Well, what more is there to say than 71% of the Missourians who voted yesterday deserve to die in a very painful way, while I watch (eating popcorn, even)?

There is a certain feeling of freedom you get when you are free to hate without having to hide it in a constitutional amendment. Missouri... what a scab on the face of this nation.

I figured it was going to pass, but I didn't think it would be by so much. I forgot Missouri has thousands of the hate-houses (they call them churches... mostly they believe this guy named Jesus came from some thing called god to teach everyone how to hate correctly... as if we as humans couldn't figure that out on our own) that afflict the countryside. So many hate-houses, so few bulldozers.

Ah, Missouri. What a joke.

There aren't words to describe how disgusting. It's as if the state has legalized the lynching of people of the "wrong" skin color... or legalized the forced wearing of little yellow star-shaped patches for certain citizens. Let's take a whole sub-set of our population, and call them "less than human". It's worked SO well in the past.

He's from Missouri. You'll have to show him.

Well, there are still 49 other states that think freedom isn't about discrimination and hatred. But you better pencil that number in. I hear Kansas is REAL upset-like and all that it didn't get to be the first scab state in the fag-hatin' festival.

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