Saturday, June 02, 2007

On Grace

With so many of you clamoring to hear the details of my thoughts on Grace, how could I refuse to share?

However, you're just gonna get the Cliff's Notes version, as I don't remember the vast details of my original thoughts/rant.

The major thing was I remembered how I'd hear the part of Christian beliefs that sorta starts with the notion that we're not worthy and how that would make me so angry.

"Uh!" I'd say in a huff, "How dare they assume we just automatically are crap!"

Now, what with many years behind me, I can say, "Oh yeah, right on. No contest."

I mean, seriously, have you met any humans? And I mean no offense to any human who might be reading this.

We are seriously crapoliciousness.

Anyway, that was the bulk of my thoughts on Grace. There was a quote from Season 2 of BtVS that I was gonna throw in there, but I've no time for that right now, as I should be in bed and still want to post something else tonight.

The end.

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