Saturday, June 02, 2007

The Great Booty Hunt Of 2007

So I was at this End Of The School Year (Sort Of) Party on Friday night, and amid the strange events that transpired there, I also stumbled across this stuff I'd seen at some grocery store or another, but never thought to buy, called "Booty". "Pirate's Booty", to be exact. Well, that and "Vegi Booty", which also had the pirate on the front.

Anyway, I tried it, and really enjoyed it, particularly the Vegi Booty.

However, I couldn't remember where I had seen it before, so I couldn't buy some of my very own.

So, the recurring real-life character of Ashley got to hear me respond to his, "Did you find everything you needed?" with "Do you sell Booty?".

More than one grocery store employee in the Kansas City area was greeted with "I'm looking for Booty," over the past week.

But the search is over! It's at the grocery store I normally go to, which I was slow to stop by, thanks to that stupid construction on Soutwest Trafficway.


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