Wednesday, June 06, 2007

It's MAY! (Well, it is on my website, finally...)

Okay, I've gotten my website update to May...

June will be up in a week or so, pending my coming up with a laffline for June.

I've added two links to the top of my home page. The square picture (which is taken from a picture on my photoblog) on the left near the top (under some words, however) provides a link to my photoblog. The square picture on the right (also taken from a picture on my photoblog) of a pink ribbon pin provides a link to my sister's and her walking partner's newsletter, "Kathy & Ruth Talk the Walk". I had the idea of putting it on my website (pending Ruth telling me to take it down) because I thought it would be a way for people who aren't on the mailing list to access it.

Also, this month's issue has a picture of my elbow in it. Well, my elbow is in a picture that is actually of something other than my elbow. But you get the idea.

Anyway, I wanted to pass that one. So click the link to get to the link to read the newsletter.

And comment, people! Comment!