Sunday, March 26, 2006

Spring Break: The End is Nigh

Well, Spring Break is almost over. I did accomplish many things I wanted to accomplish. It's too bad the concert was this weekend (and thus tech week was this week), because I would have enjoyed going out of town. Of course, if I hadn't been doing tech week, I would have had my schedule at Papa John's to think about, so never mind.

But, the Christmas decorations are now in the basment (I took them down on January 7th, as always, but as life has been a bit too busy of late, I hadn't been moved to get the boxes down in the basement until this week).

I've gotten some good rest, I think and the last 9 weeks of school (or however many it is) don't look as daunting as they did before I got this rest.

I've had an emotional Sunday, and maybe I'll go into the details later. I am feeling better today than I have for a while, anyway.

Also, I need to post the Saga of Mom's Ashes at some point. It's a tale rife with intrigue and confusion... the confusion caused mostly by the alcoholic villain of the piece. (Can you guess his name?) But that will have to come later. I need to get a nap in before tonight's performance. Or maybe I need to make breakfast/lunch. Something needs to be done, at any rate.

Not to mention those papers I need to finish grading.


Andy B. said...

I am SO waiting to hear about your Sunday ;)
Bring it on!

Vieta said...

Yes, same for me...waiting. Hey how did the concert go? Tell us everything!

Peggy Wooden said...

I'm here, too... ready to "chew"...