Monday, May 08, 2006

The Great Orange Juice Fiasco

Okay, picture it: It's a lovely somewhat-spring-like morning. I had to run to the bank during plan time, because we were having Penny Wars at school, and I have an account at a bank that allows me to use the change-counting machine for not charge.

I'm on my way from the bank, a few strange coins that didn't want to go through the machine are in my pocket. I have the brilliant idea of stopping by Sonic to get an orange juice (because orange juice with crushed ice just ROCKS), and thus have some change to replace the change that wouldn't go through the machine.

I buy my orange juice with no problems at all. I put the straw in and have a sip. I have a drink carrier-thingy in the car, and I open it. I set the Styrofoam-like drinking container in the carrier, and vaguely notice it isn't a tight fit--a bit the opposite, really. However, I was getting ready to pull out into traffic, and didn't have time for such minor details.

I turn into traffic, and my precious, precious, PRECIOUS drink goes flipping over onto the passenger floorboard...

...and it lands "head first"...

...and the straw is forced up through the bottom of the container...

...and suddenly I've got this container that is leaking--scratch that--GUSHING orange juice from both ends.

Now, a little about my car: The driver's side window doesn't roll down.

So, keeping in mind that I've just entered traffic (and it wasn't THAT bad, but still, there were many vehicles I could have easily hit while driving and dealing with this container), and I'm holding this thing in my hand. Orange juice is getting on me, on the floorboard, on the drink caddy, and on my little catch-all between the seats.

Again, I can't just toss it out my window, as it won't roll down.

The up side? I had to deliver pizza that night, so I'd brought a change of pants with me.

All in all, I found this to be an enjoyable event, but I'd rather not repeat it.

Let this be a lesson to you that you should never trust a drink to stay in the drink caddy.


Peggy Wooden said...

You should heed that old Wilders advice, "Here's a little something you can put in your bean--don't mix the o.j. and the gasoline..."

I went to a movie a couple of years ago and bought one of those five-gallon drinks that says you can have "free refills." After actually finishing the drink at the end of the movie, I greedily asked for a refill to take home. Got in the car, tried to wedge the huge, flimsy plastic cup into the drink caddy, started to back up, and the whole thing literally jumped out, depositing its contents onto my lap, the seat, the floor...

I'm pretty sure it was God punishing me for being greedy.

tickmeister said...

Everybody who tries to eat or drink in the car has had a classic dumpover incident at one time or another. I read an article a while back about the fact that a lot of long haul truck drivers carry containers to urinate in due to the scarcity of truck stops and rest areas that are large enough for a semi. I imagine that some of them can tell some real horror stories along this line

Peggy Wooden said...

My son is a long-haul truck driver--I'll ask him when he comes over this morning.

On second thought... do I really want to know...?

tickmeister said...

My wife dumped a crock-pot full of beans in her car a couple of months ago. When you think about it, crock-pots are quite top heavy even though they feel very stable when you pick one up.

The car still smells like beans, but it's not a bad smell.