Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm Thankful for My 100th Non-Blog Post!

Hello there, everyone, and welcome to my 100th non-blog post.

First, a confession: I did not go out of town for Thanksgiving. I fully intended to, but Leslie called on Monday night to say they weren't really having a dinner and all that, and I figured I don't have the gas money anyway, so I stayed home.

Now, those of you in the KC area who might take offense that I did not dine with you, please realize I'd had about 15 "If you aren't doing anything else" invitations, and who can remember who asked first, and plus, I'm just tired and wanted to spend some alone time.

I did eat this SmartOnes turkey meal that I found in my freezer, so I didn't go turkeyless. And I got some decorations up, and even some cleaning done.

I considered going to the meal at what, for lack of a shorter term, I'm calling my church (actually, it would have been shorter to just type the name, now that I think of it), but then I realized I'd need to shower, etc. Also, I woke up very late that day.

It's been a nice break. Next week I have rehearsals galore, so no pizza delivery (which means no pizza delivery money... hooray!). It's almost like having free time.

Anyway, I wanted to share my Thanksgiving confession with the world. Thanks for understanding.


Andy B. said...

I think that What, For Lack of a Shorter Name, I'm Calling My Church is a fantastic name for a church.
Oh, but it wouldn't fit on the T-shirt. Dang!

EyeRytStuf said...

Well, heck, I don't want to say "My Church", without some sort of qualifier. Saying the name makes it seem like I was picking some random church and that one "won". Saying "the church" sounds like I think there's only the one, and there's enough of THAT going around.

However, "the church I have been regularly attending" might have ended up being less to type. I should have gone with that.