Sunday, November 30, 2008

So This Is The Fast Lane...

I finally have a high-speed internet connection at home. I don't know what to do with myself.

I don't know that I've mentioned it on here, since I haven't had a lot of time for much of anything else since this began, but I've been taking online grad school classes since late August/early September.

This has meant staying at school late to use their connection or going to Ben & Tricia's to use theirs. I got so tired of hanging out in their kitchen doing school work instead of hanging out with them, that one week I just put everything off for a day--and that was a fun Monday night rush to get everything in on time!

Anyway, life has been crazy, and most of it not... bad. Here's the strange psychological thing (with an empahsis on the PSYCHO): My body seems to be having a strange reaction to not being stressed out about money. When I think about it, I've been stressed out about money on some level since... well, really since I was about 18 or so. This stress has had time to grow up and go to college. It could be taking grad school classes of its own!

Anyway, things are strange. I find myself uninterested in putting up the holiday cheer--which is very odd, because it has gotten me through a lot of cruddy years. There have been years I haven't bothered, but not for a while now.

I'm wearing a holiday shirt, and the television is playing all the holiday cheer KUDL has to offer, but when I think about decorating, I'm sorta "eh..." about it. We shall see. Maybe it'll just hit me one day in mid-December, and I'll slide around on the roof of the porch getting my lights up.

Beyond getting money caught up and my life in some sort of order, not a lot is going on. Now that I'm all high-speed-internet-y, I'm doing lots of things I haven't been able to bother with before. I'm on Facebook; I'm sending video instead of e-mail. I'm all science-fiction-y, without the fiction!

For Thanksgiving, Ruth, Jordan, and I went to Jefferson City to hang out with Dane. Ruth made a great meal. Jordan and I drove to Wal-Mart (it isn't a holiday without a trip to the evil empire, eh?). On the way, we contemplated how we were going to break in if they weren't open. She got a little too thrilled with the idea for me to be comfortable. I mean, I just casually mentioned driving Ruth's car through the front doors, and all of a sudden she's all "well, I have a hoodie, but we need sunglasses..."

Kids today!

Well, I hope anyone who stumbles across this had a great Thanksgiving, and a great holiday season. I'll try to post again before then. If I set up my old web site, I'll have my Christmas card there. If not, I'll have to post a link here.

I guess I have to post a link here either way, eh?

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