Wednesday, November 09, 2016

If I Only Knew How...

So here's what I want to happen, or what I wish I knew how to make or make happen: I want there to be a friendship connection site for people from opposite sides of some part of the political spectrum. You'd sign up and list your views on lots of different issues, with helpful links to vetted and unbiased articles to inform where necessary. You'd select which of your views (from one to all) you'd be willing to engage in informed and reasoned discussion, allowing room for emotion, but understanding that if things become too heated it is agreed to postpone the discussion for a while. They could hook you up with a sort of online pen-pal to discuss issues in a civil manner.

The site could host a chat function, and members could meet groups with a balanced representation of views. Maybe there's be some sort of spectrum icon that showed where you were on some scale or another. There could be helpful pull-down windows to suggest areas where you are likely to find common ground.

So that's what needs to happen. Who can do this for me? Anyone?

Or, better yet, maybe we should find out if this isn't already a thing. I don't know. I don't entrepreneur much.

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