Tuesday, January 10, 2006

These Creepy Crows are Creeping Me Out!

Okay, I need a crowologist or whatever to explain to me why there are--seriously--hundreds of crows in the trees around my house.

Maybe there are crows in trees around everyone's house, and I haven't noticed.

Seriously, there are at least two hundred of them total in the tree behind my house and the trees in my neighbors yard, and I think they're are hundreds in a few other trees around here, too.

It's 10:30-ish and I can hear them cawing out there. It's crazy creepy. This has been going on for... well, days, at least... if not a couple of weeks.

I'm trying to remember this happening last year... or the year before... or any of the other years I've lived here, and I don't seem to remember the whole Crowapalooza thing.

And I'm no supernaturalist or whatever, but I've read enough creepy stories and seen enough creepy movies to be creeped out by CrowCon 2006. Like aren't crows supposed to escort souls or something? Because that's a LOT of dead folk. Either that, or it's gonna be my turn soon and they figure my soul is extra-heavy.

I think I'll try to get a picture of them during daylight hours tomorrow. If you have a... um... I don't know what crows come in, but I know I should... murder, isn't it? Am I making that up? "A murder of crows" sounds familiar. Anyway, if you have a murder (or whatever) of crows where you are, could you comment so I can feel less creeped out?


Peggy Wooden said...

We had hundreds of robins in one of our big trees a few years ago--I mean maybe THOUSANDS of them, twittering and screeching! They stayed for about a full day, then just disappeared. Weird. Not as weird as your crows, though. That would creep me out, too. And, yes, I believe a "murder" is right. Even creepier!

Oh, yeah, and you can add me to your list of semi-frequent blog-readers.

Andy B. said...

It's very Steven King. Have you read "The Dark Half"?
Anyway, why are we okay with birds alone but birds together seem so creepy?

EyeRytStuf said...

I did read "The Dark Half", and I got airsick while reading the part with all the birds--but that was probably because I was on an airplane at the time (or at least partially, as I'd never gotten airsick before). Not FULLY airsick, but I was about to hurl for a while.

Anyway, it does make me think of that. And "The Birds". And "Dumbo".

I don't like birds in a group because they're talking about me. I KNOW they are!!!