Tuesday, June 27, 2006

It's March!

Okay, not really. But it is on my website. And tomorrow I'll update to April. On Wednesday, I'll update to May, and on Thursday I'll update to June. Then, late Friday night, I can update to July and BE CAUGHT UP!

Hey, my niece Leslie is doing the Breast Cancer 3-Day Walk, and is SO CLOSE to her goal. If you feel moved to help, or would like to read about it, click here.

Tick, is it true that in those days of pizzadom, anchovies were VERY popular? Some guy told me that the other night while I was taking his order.

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tickmeister said...

Anchovies were not popular at that time (1966-68), maybe one or two per night. We had to keep a separate cutter for them to keep from contaminating the other pizzas.