Sunday, June 25, 2006

I've Been Alive for a Year This Week!

So Wednesday was the 52-week mark of my surviving my pulmonary emboli, and Thursday was the one-year anniversary.


I was freaking out a little bit as those two days approached. I was nervous, and--insanely enough--constantly thinking I was about to die any second.

But it didn't interrupt with my Summer School duties.

Wow, I'm way behind here. Let's see if I can do an update-thing:

I went to bowl in OKC again this spring. Again, I'm accused of making out with someone when I really wasn't. Maybe a SMALL amount of close-talkiness, but mainly this person was just displaying how insane they were, and I was less sober than usual and not handling it well. When friends got near I was saying, "Help me, please..." but all that came from that is I got accused of making out. Go figure.

School ended without me breaking a leg and missing the last three weeks, so that was an improvement. I'll miss some of the kids... maybe about 20% of them... and that's low. This was a tough group.

Let's see... I got a solo for the last concert. It was the solo I wanted. I have found that I've stopped inviting people to come see me. Partially it's because it's not cheap, and partially from the whole rejection-thing (specifically: fear of). But people gushed. I smiled. I said, "Thank you." I'm still not comfortable with compliments. Maybe by the time I'm 50.

Still delivering pizzas. Notice my website has not been updated since February... actually, later than that. I keep thinking I'll get the other months in, but here it is almost July, and my website still says "February".

Okay, my favorite Papa John's manager, Ty, wanted me to tell people something along the lines that he's available and... well, I can't remember what I was supposed to say about his looks. It might come out sounding wrong if I'm too strong in complimenting his looks, and he--and any interested females--might be made uncomfortable. But he's available. He's 20, but finds "older women" to be attractive (but don't worry, younger ladies, I'm sure you're not out of the running entirely). To contact him... um... I don't know. Maybe leave a comment here, or stop by P.J. some evening when he's working.

That's it from me. My laundry has finished, so I'm off to bed.

Oh, Vieta, I got your blog comment right as I was getting ready to post this. How's that for strange? Still thinking of you and sending good thoughts your way.


tickmeister said...

I delivered pizza's for about 2 1/2 years back in the mid 1960's while I was at MU. Probably one of my worst jobs, although not at the top of the list. Maybe I'll write a blog about it. I also taught high school math for one semester at the high school level. I was the second string math teacher which means I got the blockheads. I'm kind of surprised that more teachers don't do the postal worker thing, go to school with an automatic weapon and wipe out half the pupils.

Vieta said...

Well EyeRy maybe we are a tad strange, you think? (BG)