Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Return Of STILL: Life

If you're wondering, apparently about 191 or 192 pictures is the limit that I can put on that blog... at least with what I have on the other blogs.

Thus the lack of pictures for a few weeks over there. I've put the next 10 up, and plan to put another 10 up later today (or more likely tomorrow), and another 10 up by Saturday (and that would include Saturday's). Once I'm caught up I'll just delete the oldest entry before putting a new one up.

And I'm going to get an archive set up somewhere. I've saved the comments, and figured I can just put a record up on some other free site.

What have we missed while I've been living life? Um... well, my birthday came and went. If I'm not mistaken, the actual "party" (read: small gathering of some friends and their kids for dinner and perhaps board games (okay, I'm just putting in a plug for "I hope there are board games")) is yet to come... at least, at one point there was talk of this event happening after Patrick has returned... and he has returned.

Also, if it's going to be a Saturday evening, I need to know about 10 days before so I can let the Papa know. Or the manager of the Papa. That's a message to those of you on the planning committee.

Okay, there's other stuff to write about, but I'm cold and sick and need to get ready to go to the doctor. Oh yeah, that's something else. I'm sick. Blah.

Anyway, go look at pictures.

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