Friday, February 09, 2007

Speaking Of My Birthday...

The Friday before, my bowling team put together a little birthday celebration for during-bowling... which involved lots of cupcakes that I ended up taking home, I guess because I'm not quite to the level of have "as a house" after my "big".

I don't remember the night in great detail, as it was a very celebratory evening, but I met new people and amazed them with my social skills, I'm sure.

Also, on the evening of my birthday, we had an event at our school, and a couple of girls did the Mr. Riggs' motions (with lip-synching) and dance to They Might Be Giants' "Older", which is the birthday tradition in my classroom.

And Mr. Anderson made his famous ice-cream dessert, which is something I look forward to on birthdays.

All this meaning: I didn't mean to imply I haven't had much of a birthday celebration in that last post. I just mean I'm still expecting the one we discussed earlier. Tricia, are you getting this? :-)

Okay, I'm off to post more pics over at STILL: Life.

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Yes, I am.