Friday, April 17, 2009

It's Not Easy Goin' Green

Here's a horrible thing I noticed about every time I go to the Scronics and get something to eat (which is more often than it should--bad enough I'm getting a Route 44 cherry-vanilla Dr. Pepper, but a grilled cheese sammich, too? yikesikins!), the bag they put the sandwich in is seriously used for the amount of time it takes them to put the sandwich and whatnot in the bag, hand it to me, me to turn the bag upside down to get sandwich and what not out, pull forward about... 6 yards or so to the trash can, and throw it away.

Okay, solution 1 is that I stop buying sammiches at the Scronics. And this will happen (or reduce in amount) when I have my place up north. It's just I'm often-times going somewhere other than Olathe after school (or after the after-school activities), and a quick sammich is the only way to go. But it's not going to happen forever and ever amen until I'm dead. So let's think...

I keep thinking I could save them and do something with them, but what do you do with a kinda-used paper bag from the Scronics. Handy if someone is hyperventilating, I suppose, but beyond that... I mean, there's a slight ick factor because it's been USED... ewwwwww...

Anywho, that's the homework assignment for this post. Spelling doesn't count (for real, check out some of the typos and/or spelling errors on my posts).


Miss Beesley said...

You asked a librarian...

make into a hat

cut into strips and make a basket by weaving them

use them to ripen tomatoes

use it to get wax off of carpet

papier mache

save for luminaries

use as gift bags

add to your compost (worms love them)

kindling for your fireplace

make a kite

Robyn said...

You could take your own bag to the Scronics, much like you do when you go to the grocery store. Upon ordering you could announce, "I brought my own bag" or "I don't need a bag". How about the 30 napkins they put in that bag? You could ask them for "only one napkin please". How about the STYROFOAM cup they put that Route 44 Cherry Dr. Pepper Grape Rootbeer Sour Apple Limeade in? I wonder if they would fill up your reusable Brita bottle? These are things I struggle with, too, Mark. Usually, I end up keeping the bag and when I am cleaning out my car and taking out all of school papers that come home in the backpack I use the (insert your favorite fast food joint here) bag to gather the recyclables and put them in my recycling bin at home.