Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ranting Like A Crazy Person

So I'm on facebook, and this person I knew in high school has posted this as his status:

Is sad to hear that a former student and athlete was killed today in an auto accident today. Good kid. Her dad is a pastor and hopefully she had made a commitment to Christ.

It's like Krakatoa in my head right now. Having heard something VERY similar at my aunt's funeral, I had to tackle myself and hold myself to the floor in order to keep myself from clicking "Comment" and ranting like a crazy person.

At the very least, I want to comment, "Having heard something very similar at my aunt's funeral, I hope God in her infinite wisdom gave you at least enough sense not to say something that pompous and pious and other p-words (along with pthoughtless) to members of her family."

And that is SO the very least. Krakatoa, remember?

So, comment away, folks. Thoughts? I can't type any more, or this may be my most crazy rant ever.


Tom said...

I'm with you 100%. There are always one or two of "the pious" at every funeral, deciding that the focus should be squarely on them.

Andy B. said...

Death can be such a holy moment, filled with grace. It is unfortunate that some choose to make it into an attempted guilt trip, or worse.
Regarding rants: I find that driving and ranting to my steering wheel helps me release some pressure!

LilySea said...

I just hope she had time to make a commitment to Allah.