Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Oh how tiring...

As I was on my way home from teaching Summer School today I had a flat tire. Of course, it had to be just as I got on the "UNEVEN LANES", so at first I just thought the strange sound was form the asphalt or something... and of course it had to be somewhere with little-to-no shoulder... but there was about 10 yards of shoulder up a bit...


Well, the good news is I've finally gotten to use that spare tire I bought last year before my trip to Ohio. Also in the "good news" column: I'm pretty quick when it comes to changing tires.

In the "not-so-good news" department we have: 5 days until payday, two more days of summer school (to which I will be driving without a spare (see bit about payday), and in my haste to get the tire quickly changed I managed to gash up my hands a bit.

The other news (not really good or bad, you see...) is that my hands were filthy and I still had to buy gas. And of course who can resist scratching an itch on his face even when there isn't grease and grime all over his hands? So the people at QT were probably confused by my appearance. Teacher clothes and chimney sweep appearance.

Enough of that. On a more positive notes, Ben & Tricia brought the girls over last night and while mommy & daddy were out having dinner, I did my best to entertain. Maybe I'll share some photos from the "face-making" photo-op session. The pictures are just PRECIOUS, I tell you!

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