Sunday, March 18, 2007


Last night (meaning Friday night) at P.J., Jin asked me how to spell "Ashley". With his accent, both I and a co-worker thought he said "actually".

He said, "No, the name, 'Ashley'."

I laughed, because I'm a teacher, and you can ask any teacher how to spell the name "Ashley" and they'll let you know there's more than three ways to spell it--if not more than ten ways to spell it.

So Jin said, "For a man, how do you spell it?"

And then a discussion on whether or not a man can be named "Ashley" ensued, where I pointed out one of the main characters in Gone With the Wind was named "Ashley", and he was a guy.

Then, after I got off work tonight/this morning, I stopped by a nearby pharmacy to get stuff for this stupid toothache issue which is the new light of my life, and after spending forever looking for what I needed and getting a few other things I forgot I needed, I went to the register.

And who should show up there to ring me up but a guy named "Ashley".

Of course, I had to channel Patsy.

"Ashley, huh? Did you order pizza yesterday?" I asked. Unfortunately I have no children to be mortified by my behavior (and I wouldn't have had them with me out shopping at 12:50 in the morning even if I did have them), so it was not a true Patsy moment (not that she'd have her kids out shopping at 12:50 in the morning, either).

Of course, he looked kinda surprised, but admitted he did, in fact, order pizza yesterday. I gave an even shorter version of the conversation at work the day before in explanation as to how I suspected this about him, but without mentioning Gone With the Wind, which is unfortunate, because I now have this Patsy-like urge to go back and ask him if his mom was a fan of the movie--or maybe the book.

I walked out of the place thinking it was a very Patsy moment. And it was.

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