Sunday, March 04, 2007

Nothing New To Report

By popular (okay, by Andy's) demand: an update.

Nothing new to report.

Which is actually to say there's lots to report, but it's all bad and sucky, and what's-the-point-esque. I was feeling all forward-motion-y in my life there for a while, and now I don't.

I had a whole thing I thought about posting about this horrible and non-humorous experience I had while delivering pizzas a few weeks back, but it was too upsetting/depressing/whatever to actually type about.

I also had this whole thing to type about my mama and the "n" word, as NYC or somewhere was going to outlaw use of the "n" word, but that was very backwards-looking and somewhat upsetting/depressing/whatever to write about.

I had a bowling tournament and a visit with my niece and great-niece in Omaha to type about, and while that wasn't upsetting (except for maybe the blizzard) or depressing (except for maybe the constant sense that my life is and forever shall be in a holding pattern), I hadn't had time to write about it.

There was that crazy weather from the end of February, but Mark Twain would just complain that everyone talks about the weather, but nobody does anything about it. Well, he would if he wasn't busy with the being dead and all.

And then there was this whole thing at school on Friday that was probably the most upsetting/depressing of all, because it demonstrates the problem I'm sensing at school right now, which makes me want to consider--at the very least--going to another school in the district... which is just stressful, because change causes stress, etc.

So, there's the update: things have changed, but, essentially, everything is the same.

Happy March, Everyone!

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Andy B. said...

Thank you, Mark. It isn't exactly what I had in mind, but it'll do in a pinch. :)