Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Weekend In Omaha

Okay, it was actually about 21 hours in Omaha, but it still counts.

Got to see Casey at his going-away shindig, as evidenced here:

Behold: The January 29th Club

My eyes are bugging out because I was telling Karen (who had my camera at that moment) how Cheryl bugged her eyes out when I complained that she had blinked in the previous picture. Karen, having no patience for the end of my narrative goings-on, snapped the picture in mid-story (and mid-demonstration).

My jacket looks awful. I should have it burned.

Anyway, Casey left yesterday. I'm going to give it a couple of days and call Karen to see what (if anything... I don't know how the military works, beyond the whole... okay, I don't know how the military works) she's heard from him.

Apparently he joined the Navy, not the Air Force. I wasn't sure whether I should feel better or worse about this. I've been told I should feel better about it--and if you have information to the contrary, keep it to yourself.

In the non-Weekend In Omaha section of the news, I haven't worked this week because I had to supervise two nights of 7th Grade Readers' Theatre performances.

About 70% of them spoke up this time, so it was more enjoyable than usual.

Okay, I'm off to bed. Hope everyone is having a great whatever it is you're having.

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