Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Healthy Schmealthy

The district is in the middle of this "pretend we care about your health because we don't like paying for you being unwell, even though that's the only reason you give us money" thing sponsored by our insurance provider.

I went, under duress. (If you don't go, you have to pay an addition $10 a month--or you don't get a $10 per month deduction that everyone who goes gets. Either way, it's duress because they're saying I'm $120 poorer than those who go if I decide not to.)

Well, the good news is, I'm a miracle, in that my terrible blood pressure had somehow not killed me. The other good news (which seems to amaze people, for some reason) is that my cholesterol levels are still great.

There was a weigh-in part of the event, and people at school had been complaining about it, and my plan was to wait for them to tell me my weight, then say, "And how much more do I have to gain for it to qualify as a disability?"

But there were technical difficulties, so I didn't get my chance to say it.

After they took my blood pressure reading, analyzed my blood, talked with me about different things, re-took my blood pressure to make sure it was right the first time (as I wasn't clutching my chest and saying "it's the big one"), I got to go sit in a very private area to answer very personal questions on a computer.

By "very private" I mean RIGHT NEXT TO SOMEONE ELSE ON EITHER SIDE OF ME. It didn't bother me so much, because I'm mostly like, "Here it is, whatever." However, the woman on my left needed assistance from one of the people there helping out, and he was standing in such a way that I got to type my whole survey at an angle.

Also, I learned that she's experienced a loss in the past year, and her Aunt Flo first visited her when she was twelve. Seriously. And this I heard while jamming a finger in my left ear in order to give her some sense of privacy. Imagine if I was TRYING to eavesdrop!

Anyway, it was just an irritating experience. I wasted about an hour of my work day to learn I have crazy blood pressure that I should be talking to a doctor about (oh, wait, I already have), and that I should exercise more (ya think?).

Yeah, I had nothing to do at school at all. No papers to grade, and the team didn't need to meet about anything at all. But at least the insurance company is happy, and at least they won't be yanking that $120 from me over the course of the year. Hooray!

My gig as interim choir director ends on Sunday. Lord willin' and the creek don't rise I'll soon have another job that isn't pizza delivery. I haven't heard back about the tutoring job I'm looking at. It pays well, but it might take up several evenings during the week. But at least it isn't delivering pizza, eh?

Speaking of money, I need to save up for shoes. I think we're getting past the sandal weather. Well, since I'm indoors most of the day, I could get away with it year round, if not for the snow. But it's always fun to start wearing the monochrome black Chuck's, and wait to see how long it takes the kids to notice I'm wearing "cool" shoes.

Well, conferences are over, and that's a good thing. I hate the evening hours of that deal. I minded less when we got a full day off, back when I first started teaching. But now we have to do a half-day on Friday, and it just wears me out.

Or life wears me out, and that's just a part of life. Something like that. I find I'm very tired, anyway. Probably something to do with my blood pressure! ;-)

What else is news? Oh, I played BINGO on Saturday. That was a good time.

Root Canal Day is Thursday. Wish me numbness! (I mean more than my usual numbness!)

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