Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh, So THAT'S Where The Expression "Like A Root Canal" Comes From

So I had this root canal thingy done yesterday, and couldn't figure out what the big deal was. "It hurt like a root canal," or "Only a little painful, like a root canal is a little painful," and so on.

Seriously, the root canal part was no big. Mostly boring and awkward, as I'm not used to people messing around with my teeth. (I did mention it's been 20 years since my last dentist visit, right?)

I got there a little after 1:00, and by 1:15 or so I was hooked up to the laughing gas and had that VERY painful shot in the mouth... two shots in the mouth, actually. I didn't feel any pain.

Until about 6:00 that night.

I was at the church, killing time until choir practice. I had started feeling a little... sore, I guess. It was a sort of free-floating soreness that I didn't associate with anything other than my face being so numb. Anyway, at about 4:00 or so, I was feeling a little sore.

Right around 6:00 is when I started wishing for unconsciousness. Seriously awful.

And, being pragmatic, I started praying--not that the pain go away, but that the pain be significantly less by morning, so I'd know it wasn't going to last forever.

I tried to nap, tried to occupy myself by taking pictures in the sanctuary (see yesterday's STILL:Life), tried to play music. Nothing was enough of a distraction.

So we had practice, and the choir sent me home after one time through the song for this Sunday.

I got home, ate a quick supper (as I was hungry enough to overcome the whole "eating is going to hurt" thing that was going through my brain... plus, cold mac 'n' cheese is easy to swallow with minimal chewing), then hit the sack.

I had a lovely evening of hour-long naps... with one or two 90-minute naps thrown in.

But, in the morning, I did feel significantly better.

Today was much better, and tonight I only feel slightly sore.


Tomorrow we go to Omaha to visit Zach one day after his first birthday, and for Jordan's birthday party. She's a teenager now. Sunrise, sunset...

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