Sunday, November 18, 2007


Here's my desktop photo:

Tracy posted a picture of her desktop over at her blog, and I thought I'd post mine here. If you're not in the collage, no worries: I probably didn't have a photo of you on my computer when I made this. I probably need to put together another one, as some of the younger folks in the collage are older folks now. Well, older young folks. Also, I'm missing several people.

My old desktop picture was the characters from Farscape. It was up so long, I don't remember my desktop before that one.

I'm up because I went to bed early, then had a crazy nightmare which I reasoned my way out of before waking. It was very odd. It was a mix of The Mist (which is a Stephen King short story/novelette I read back in the 80s and which is now a film... which moved me to re-read it, because I remember liking it a lot), real life, various road trips with my sister, and my fear of someone breaking into my home. So it was easy to reason my way out of it, you see.

Anyway, I thought I'd post my desktop pic. Enjoy!

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