Saturday, November 17, 2007

Going Green for Christmas

I know it's before Thanksgiving, and it makes me insane that I'm already hearing Christmas music everywhere I go (and if you've read my posts around this time of year any other year, you already know that), but I wanted to get this out there for those people who have already bought my gift.

This year, in an effort to "go green", I've come up with an idea about wrapping paper.

If you buy the weaker masking tape, it's very easy to peel that off paper. Instead of wrapping my gift in traditional wrapping paper, wrap my gifts in money, instead.

All you do is lay out the bills, (dollars are fine, but you can probably make more interesting holiday patterns with a variety of bills) to the size you want--and obviously close together, if not slightly overlapping. Then, tape them together using the weakest masking tape you can find.

Next, wrap the present with the tape on the inside. If wrap well, you really only need on piece of tape on each end of the gift, and that you can hide with a bow made up of several well-folded one-hundred dollar bills.

This way, the only part of the wrapping paper I won't recycle is the tape.

I appreciate everyone's cooperation in this matter.

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Andy B. said...

Golly, how selfless you are!