Thursday, November 05, 2009

I Keep Coming Back To Two Crosses

I've been gone a while... or actually, here a while, but not getting on blogspot for a while.

However, I've been thinking a lot about the Columbine cross controversy from about 10 years back. I guess it's just something that snagged in my brain back when I first heard about it.

So when I have a free moment I google and read and try to get the story. My understanding of the whole thing right now is sketchy, but essentially someone asked a carpenter from Illinois to make 15 crosses for the 13 Columbine victims and the two shooters. I'm sketchy on who did the asking, but this carpenter apparently did this for victims of violence, something he started after his father-in-law and friend were killed.

For a long time I thought it was all his idea, but apparently he was asked. He put the two shooters' names in a different font, to set them apart.

One of the victim's father was angry enough to tear the two crosses down. This carpenter came and took the 13 remaining crosses, but then ended up bringing them back.

I don't know why this story keeps banging around my head. It just does. I'm intrigued. I think the whole thing sums up something that's very wrong with humans, spiritually speaking.

I would like to be able to put this into words sometime. Maybe sometime when I'm not trying to get grad school stuff done, or whatever else is taking up my time.

In other news... Well, if you're on fb, there's no need to share other news. There's no real other news, I guess. Less than two months left in 2009!