Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy 2010!

I don't know if I'd say it's a resolution, but I've brought back "STILL: Life". I'm thinking about starting another photo blog called "365 (and some change) Days of ME!" This one would just have a different picture of me for each day--preferably taken by someone else, but if nobody e-mails me a photo from that day by midnight, I'll use one I took myself... if I decide to do it, that is. With school out I tend to get more ideas than I have time for...

As far as resolutions go, I have things I'd like to do, but won't go so far as to get all resolve-y about them. Maybe eat right, maybe exercise, maybe write more, maybe make it to church more regularly, maybe lots of things.

The holidays were fun, hope everyone else had a good time. I was explaining to a younger person that once you get a certain age, it isn't about the presents so much--or it better not be, if you want to avoid major disappointment! This year (2010) I may go a little crazy with the lights out front. I stayed a bit laid back for this current season.

So, in case I don't get you invited, I'm throwing a surprise birthday party for myself on my birthday. Shh! Don't tell me! It's a surprise. It'll be at my house, and everyone should get there close to the posted time, so someone can go get me (I'll go with them for this) and bring me home for that big "Surprise" moment. Don't you just LOVE surprise parties? Whatever. Mark your calendar.

Well, that's all there is to report. Go check out STILL: Life. The first picture is boring, but I'm in a hotel room in Omaha and hadn't taken any non-people pictures all day (wish I'd gotten the moon rising, but I was driving up I-29 at that time).

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