Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fringe Comments

So I like the show Fringe, and I don't talk to a lot of people who watch it, so I'm gonna blather on about it here.

First, a couple of Monday's ago, they showed an episode (listed as NEW) that had a dead character in it--but nobody was like, "Hey, you're dead," when they talked to him... or, "Hey, you're an evil imposter," when they first saw him... so I assume this story took place sometime before the guy was killed and replaced by and evil imposter (who was then killed). Shouldn't they have maybe said something like that at the first of the episode? Very strange.

But I do love this show. It's like the X-Files of the aughts... and now the... uh... tens. But it's very emotional, as well. I often find myself getting a little teary-eyed. Drama, drama.

Also, gross sometimes.

Oh, it doesn't delve into any great philosophical issues (beyond, "If your son dies, is it morally wrong to go to an alternate reality and kidnap the son of that alternate-reality you and raise him as your own?" and "Should you tell that son once he reaches adulthood and learns of the whole alternate reality thing--especially if he suffers from nightmares about you kidnapping him?"), but it is of the science fiction, so I love it.

So, if you aren't watching the show, get all caught up and then we'll talk. If you are, let me know so I know who gets to hear my, "Did you see THAT?"

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