Sunday, January 03, 2010

Really, I'm not trying to write a diary here...

I forgot to put my favorite part of my visit to Omaha: When I said, "I'm a big ol' homeowner," and my aunt Rachel cracked up laughing--and I had to explain to Cheryl what the joke was (Rachel thought I was going to stop before the -ner). Actually, there were lots of favorite parts to that short visit--Binx and his books, Cheryl and her stories of falling down, and so on.

Anyway, back to school tomorrow. Kids on Tuesday. Nobody seems to be voting on my poll over there on the right... well, nobody except for one person, last time I checked. I'm taking pictures, just in case (Jordan took the one yesterday), however.

In a couple of days, it'll be my 43rd Christmas Season down. It's always a bummer putting the stuff away, but the teacher in me (and the part of me that hates waking up to an alarm) just reminds me it means we're headed toward summer break.

I didn't make church this morning. While taking my shower, I realize I'm standing in water. Apparently there was some sort of freezing of the drain water while I was gone. So I spent the morning looking up solutions for that. You'd think this would turn me off of homeownership, but this is one area where my really bad living situation pays off: I'm just glad I'm fixing things on my own place, not one owned by someone else!

1.) Best Christmas Ever: I always say it was the year Santa somehow got to our house early while we were all out at Say's place. Mom and Dad (and maybe Say, even) spotted Rudolph flying way up in the sky, and tried to get us to see the moving red light, but we were too late... Someone (I think Say) suggested maybe Santa had already made it to the house, and sure enough, he had! This was the year I got this haunted house game that I wish I could remember the name of. I loved that game, but apparently not enough to keep it safe for years and years.

2.) Best Christmas Present Ever: Probably my Apple IIC. It was supposed to be a Christmas-Birthday-Christmas-Birthday-Christmas-Birthday present, but my sister Ruth will verify I ended up getting something for one of the subsequent Christmases or birthdays. She even knows what it was I got, I think.

3.) Best Part of This Christmas Season: I'd have to say having the family over for dinner. Sounds sappy, doesn't it? It was that or the game night with friends, but technically that was during Advent, not Christmas. Not that anybody seems to pay attention to the difference between the two...

Okay, so share your three! 1.) Best Christmas Ever, 2.) Best Christmas Present Ever, and 3.) Best Part of This Christmas Season!


Ruth said...

1) Best Christmas Ever? I don't know, but it wasn't the one when you got the Apple IIc.

2) Best Present Ever? Gone With the Wind on DVD about 7 years ago. It's not so much the DVD itself that was the best gift, but the explanation for why the gift was chosen made it the best gift. And I'm not going to share that story.

3) Best thing about this Christmas season? Getting together with family, even if not everyone could make it.

Ruth said...

I don't recall what exactly you got, but you did get something for your very next birthday. AND you had something like 15 gifts to open (way more than any of the rest of us) that Christmas even though the very expensive computer was supposed to be your only gift. Mom just thought it would be too sad if you only had one gift to open...PUH-LEEZE! But, I'm not bitter.