Saturday, January 16, 2010

It's Pathetic, But It's A Huge Accomplishment For Me!

No, I haven't become a better human being or solved the world's problems or even figured out how I'm going to help get these 25 kids I'm going to have in my seminar class on Tuesday to "get" math.

However, I am now officially caught up with Smallville.

This really was no small task!

See, when I started getting caught up several years ago, I just borrowed the seasons from Jon Johnson on DVD. Season 1, no problem. Season 2, again, no problem. Season 3, no problem and the biggest cliffhanger ending EVER.

Season 4... well, it seems Jon started watching it live by that time (or at least started recording it by then). So he didn't buy any season's after 3.

Fast forward a couple of years (really, this was at least a few months (if not a few years) before I started working at Papa John's part time), and I get a Netflix account.

Netflix was made for people like me who need to get caught up on a show.

Between the first part of May and the last part of December, I managed to get caught up to the end of last season (whatever that season was... 8? Dunno...). Now that I live so close to home, I have an additional 40 minutes or so every day--plus, when I don't do after-school activities (and I swear this quarter will be the last time ever), I have even more time. So I could watch a whole disc in an evening and have it in the mail the next day.

Then the current season started, and I realized I didn't record it. Fortunately for me, Dane records it, and I asked him to save all of this season for me.

Turns out he didn't need to. I finally realized I'm not recording more than one other show at that time, so I can record it myself. I had the newest two episodes recorded (yes, it took me several weeks to realize I could record it myself and could just go to Dane's for the first episodes). What I did not realize was I had recorded several repeat episodes as well. I looked online, and turns out I had episodes 1 through 5 or so already recorded.

So I watched those episodes in short order.

Last week they aired two the last of the three I did not have recorded, and last night they aired the newest repeat. I'm caught up.

It's very odd to watch a show on DVR after you've grown so used to watching it on DVD. I keep forgetting to grab the remote for commercials, and when I need to pause, I grab the wrong remote.

In other news, I finished the newest Hitchhiker's book. I liked it well enough, but it's not the same. Small things.

For one thing, Arthur says "mate" several times, which I'm almost positive never happens in the first five books of the trilogy. In fact, I recall interviews with Douglas Adams where he talks about "this proper British gentleman" (or maybe it was someone else associated with the series saying that, but it was said, and often). "Mate" doesn't strike me as properEnglishgenetlemanspeak.

Something about Trillian is a little off, too, but that's to be expected, as she was the least developed of all the characters--and all the characters were really more sort of sci-fi commedia dell'arte characters. Not to say they were stock science fiction characters, nor that they were the standard commedia dell'arte characters... just saying the development didn't go much beyond skin depth for most of them, and less so for Trillian.

Also: Wowbagger doesn't seem to be the right color. I haven't checked on that yet, however. It involves opening a book, but I haven't found time for it yet.

Oh, and I'd have to read the end of book 5 in the trilogy, as I think something is amiss with H2G2 Mark II. But I may never take the time to get there.

One other thing: D.N.A. wasn't the best at endings. He wasn't SNL bad, but I often felt like the books ended at what could easily be just another chapter ending. The fifth book really did end, and I think it's fun how the new book unends it, but I think this book had even more of an ending--maybe because D.N.A. has been gone for longer than I've been teaching math.

The title, And Another Thing..., is taken from some D.N.A. work (I don't know if it's a Hitch-hiker's book or not, but I want to say it's from So Long and Thanks for All the Fish):

The storm had now definitely abated, and what thunder there was now grumbled over more distant hills, like a man saying, "And another thing," twenty minutes after admitting he's lost the argument. - Douglas Adams

I loved that bit of figurative language--and that sort of thing is what makes me like Terry Pratchett so much, I think. I've been wanting to share that quote with someone for a while now. Don't you feel lucky?

Again, as a reward for making it this far through this blathering on my part, I share here the fact there's a link to my new photo blog listed under the links on the STILL:Life blog.

Oh, and go vote in the poll. I need to know what to name my rooms.

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