Saturday, January 23, 2010

Professional? Nah...

As I was standing in the Lowe's parking lot about an hour ago, taking what will probably be today's STILL: Life pic, a woman sitting in the passenger seat of a car called out, "Excuse me, are you a professional photographer?"

I replied that I wasn't really a professional photographer, but was just taking a picture for this goofy photoblog I do. She went on to explain her company is looking for a photographer to take some candid shots around the office for the company website (or something, honestly it became a bit "blah blah blah" at that moment, because I was thinking, "I already said I'm not a professional photographer, ma'am..."), and she let the sentence hang there with an implied, "Are you sure you're not a professional photographer?"

I then mentioned I had a niece who was much more of a professional photographer than I, but she lives in Omaha, to which she interjected, "No, we're in downtown Kansas City." I considered explaining to her about cars and such and how they can get you from Omaha to Kansas City, but then realized she probably would not appreciate that kind of comment and it would not lead to her hiring my niece, should Carrie be interested at all.

At any rate, the moment had passed, and she moved on to how the sky certainly was pretty, and she saw me taking my picture and just thought she'd ask. Thus, we parted ways.

My question to you, anybody who happens to actually read this far down into any given post on here, is this: Do you think I should have totally liked about it, just to get the job? Keeping in mind I'm not behind on the bills, robbing Peter to pay Paul, and so on, should I have even tried to get "hired" for the job? I mean, seriously, aren't there near-professional photographers who need the money in Kansas City? Should I have suggested to her? I'm just curious as to what you think...


Anonymous said...

I don't think you should have lied, but if you were at all interested in the job you could have mentioned that it's a hobby and commented that you have a natural eye, offered to show her a few pictures and left the decision up to her. I know a few people who are professional something else's that take amazing pictures. Not every one with talent chooses to pursue it as a career. It could have been fun. Personally, I can take great landscape photos, but moving targets aren't my thing.

Or you could have mentioned Marci!

tamathy said...

I was in the parking lot of the Home Depot in Roanoke, Virginia with my sister and our children. We were loading the kids into their car seats when a young man who looked to be in his early 20's approached us. He said "Excuse me, do you know anything about Virginia Western Community College?"

I answered "No. I know where it is, but that's it."

He then asked "Do you know if it has a good mechanics program?"

"Hmm.." I said wrinkling my brow and pretending to search through old mental files on local community colleges. I looked at my sister.
"hmm.." she said pretending the same thing.

"I'm sorry" I said "I really don't know."

"Okay, thanks" he said. He continued to stand there.

"Maybe you could call the school and ask them about their program." my sister suggested.

"Yeah," he said "maybe."

Then he left.

We were driving a suburban. The only bumper sticker said "I heart Palestine". It had an Oregon license plate. We had 4 little kids with us. My sister was wearing a hijab. We had just purchased some wood putty and trim nails. There were lots of other people around.

What was it about us that made him think we could answer his question? At least you were taking a picture - and looking professional.