Friday, January 08, 2010

It Was A Good Day

I didn't expect much out of today. I mean, there's a huge clue to my level of inclination to dissatisfaction when a week ago I was internally bemoaning the fact I overbook my break (meaning I book anything at all, really) when what I really want is just to chill out all alone... but then when I get a chance to chill out alone, I'm thinking it's a huge waste.

I blame the fact I finally got caught up to this season of Smallville. Also Dr. Who regenerated, and it's bumming me out. I have many things to blame that AREN'T ME, so don't rock my boat, people. However, do feel free to vote in the poll on my blog (upper right side, I believe).

Anyway, I've lost my original thought (which is nothing new, much like my poor proofreading skills).

Oh yeah, I didn't expect much today. I wanted to rig up the bathroom nearest to mine with a workable shower (it came with a bath, no shower, but for many reasons, I've grown weary of this). Once I was well into that project, I realized I needed to get the Christmas tree de-Christmasified and taken down (yes, artificial--it's a family tradition... my brother is allergic, I think).

I got the shower done, and just about the time I finished packing the tree into the box, I had company.

So: hooray! I got to play Bananagrams today, which is a crazy fun game for a word freak like me. I recommend it to all word freaks.

Also, I made some sugar cookies and made an insane trip out of the house to the grocery store. This was mostly due to the fact I have very little of substance to eat in my house right now. And I threw out my milk because it was wonky. Not sour. Wonky. That's a freakin' disgusting wonky, not a cute and bearable one. I don't know what was wrong with it, but it tasted like liquid wages of sin.

I finally get back home, my car full of important provisions, and I can't make it back to the garage. I actually get stuck.

Yes, ME! STUCK in snow! The audacity! Or something.

Luckily, I bought a shovel yesterday evening, thinking maybe Cody wouldn't be by to shovel snow today (and I don't know that I would have let him, once I felt how cold it was outside), but I might need my own shovel, and: ta-da! I did.

So I dug myself out. It didn't take long. I'm in until my driveway is cleared, however. Feel free to come visit. (Park on the street.)

Christmas is down, but not out. I mean the decorations are down, but they're not out of the house yet. They're not even out of the front room yet. I want to get some bubble wrap for my mugs and whatnot, and I'm not taking everything out to the shed until the snow is history. I think they'll be plenty safe in the sun room.

I just realized I haven't scheduled my surprise birthday party with people. I hope you guys are marking your calendars... it's on my actual birthday... my place. Time T.B.A., but it will be in the evening (7:00 or so). And DON'T TELL ME ABOUT IT! It's a SURPRISE!