Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"It's 'Van Halen'..."

Sara commented on fb how she missed the laff lines, and today I wished I had the old website where I could publish some... and I've been thinking about bringing those old ones (I have 120 of them, after all) over here for re-publishing. But that's a poll for another day. (Have you voted on the current one, yet?)

For the life of me I wish I could remember the topic of conversation this morning in my Connections (read: home room) class, but whatever I was talking about led this rather well-read young man to clarify what I was talking about by asking, "Valhalla?"

To which a young lady responded, "It's Van Halen..."

I laughed so hard she had to make it clear she was making a joke (this young lady is about as well-read as the young man, so I don't doubt the veracity of that claim).

I am tired enough to have skipped rehearsal tonight (I so wish these weren't on school nights, but so it goes), and now I might be heading to bed early. Now that is tired!

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