Saturday, January 02, 2010

Two Days In

Today was a very special day--unless I'm forgetting something, like an overnight stay somewhere since the end of April of last year: I woke up somewhere other than in my new home today... however, it was a nice hotel suite, so I was okay with it.

Compeltely failed to get with most of the Omaha family, but did see Carrie, Binx, Cheryl, and Aunt Rachel--I just need to schedule an actual weekend in Omaha or something--or convince Karen to host a big family get-together (which is my 2nd-favorite plan, the first being having it at my place, but I figure we'd get more of the Omaha crowd if we had it there) sometime over my spring break.

I got to Carrie's closer to 9:00 than 8:45, and Jordan was totally zonked out on the couch--but got together quickly enough when I said we had to go. Binx took my leaving with a nod and a wave, but was in tears over Jordan going. Note to self: spend less on his present next year.

After going to Rachel's for a morning visit of about 45 minutes or so (with Cheryl being there for most of the last 30 of those minutes), Jordan and I headed back to Kansas City. Jordan wasn't sure how it was I managed to stay awake and drive while listening to George Winston's December. I was going to offer to let her listen to any CD she wanted if she'd clean all the soot off all my Christmas CD cases, but then decided against it. It's my soot. I want to clean it.

Dropped Jordan off and saw Leslie and Matt for all of about two minutes--Leslie is under the weather, so she's having a great start to the new year.

Went to Ben & Tricia's from there, and arrived only 15 minutes into the party. Good news: Below-zero temperatures in Omaha (the Wii was in my trunk all night) didn't seem to make the Wii unusable for the party! Hooray!

On the contemplative side of things: You know, I usually feel pretty good about things I can remember from years ago, but when I sit down to think about individual Christmases or New Years or birthdays or whatnot, I start drawing blanks. I know that NYE 1985 (into 1986) I went to Quincy, IL to see the movie CLUE. And I'm pretty sure it was 1989 into 1990 that I spent NYE driving across the state after running lights for a show at the Unicorn. I suppose if I sat down with some time on my hands, I could come up with more. It just seems I don't remember as much as I used to. Maybe I only have so much space, and I'm having to start erasing files to make room for new ones, eh?

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